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What is Best for Me? Gillian's top recommendations for different disciplines and professions

If you are keen to improve your knowledge on equine biomechanics and anatomy, Horses Inside out is here to help.

Horses Inside Out provides a range of accessible resources, including books, videos, online courses, workshops, and presentations. These resources are designed to suit various learning preferences and budgets, making valuable information available to a wide audience. The affordability and availability of these resources contribute to the exceptional value that Horses Inside Out offers.

With 11 books to choose from and over 80 hours of on-demand online educational opportunities in the Horses Inside Out Academy it can be tricky to know where to start.

In this blog Gillian gives her top recommendations of what to read and watch depending on your equestrian interest or profession.

Just select the category below that applies most to you to find out Gillian's top suggestions.

Horse Owners





Young Horses

Rehabilitating Horses

Coaches and Instructors

Equine Therapy Professionals

Saddlers and Saddle Fitters

Dentists, Bit and Bridle Fitters

Farriers and Podiatrists

Equine Therapy Students

Equine Science Students

Equine Vet Students


Equestrian Artists

If you would like any more specific recommendations please email and we will be happy to recommend the the book, course or online content that is most appropriate for you and your horse.

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Really useful guidance to help choose the most appropriate book.

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