Pilates for Horses


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Running Time: 2 hours

Lecture Description

In this video based webinar, Gillian explains how this equine based conditioning system can increase core stability, strength, flexibility, coordination and body awareness.
The main focus of this webinar is to give you understanding of Gillian's 'Pilates' for horses system so you can decide which are the best and most beneficial exercises for your horse.


Building on the principles/theme of posture outlined in the previous webinars and based on the premise that a strong core can support the back and minimise the risk of muscular damage, you will learn how by performing specific exercises correctly, you can help keep the equine athlete, strong supple and injury free.

This webinar video lecture was recorded on the 2nd December 2020.

Lecture Structure

This online lecture is divided into three parts:-


  1. Maintaining a Healthy Body

  2. Principles of Pilates

  3. Example Exercise Regimes


Example Exercise Regimes include programs for horses with:-

  • A hollow back posture

  • A high head carriage

  • Poor hindlimb engagement

  • Hocks trailing

  • A need to carry more weight behind

  • Poor lateral stability

  • Sacroiliac issues

  • On the forehand balance

  • Weak thoracic sling muscles

  • Poor abdominal tone

  • Back weaknesses or pain

  • A lack of expression

  • Lateral stiffness or poor bend

  • A need to maintain mobility,

  • Older horses

  • Preparation for ridden work

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