Polework and Gymnastic Jumping


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Lecture Description

Gillian explains the biomechanics of how the horse jumps to help you assess your horse and the relevance of each of the exercises for your horse. Prepare to be inspired and motivated by this webinar!


Having video clips of anatomically painted horses performing the exercises really helps to bring this webinar to life. This recorded webinar focusses on canter poles, bounces and gymnastic jumping. It begins by looking at the biomechanics of how the horse canters. It studies head and neck position, hind limb and forelimb action as well as the biomechanics of the hip pelvis, and lumbosacral junction. The main part of the webinar looks at polework and jumping configurations, how to ride them and how they benefit your horse.
Whether you are interested in dressage, eventing, pleasure riding or jumping, both you and your horse will the benefit from the biomechanical advantages demonstrated in this webinar. As well as developing skill and accuracy, canter polework provides interest and ‘joie de vivre’. It encourages suppleness, agility and a strong and mobile musculoskeletal system. The exercises demonstrated can make a valuable contribution to balance, power, expression, straightness, flexibility, scope, cadence, the ability of the horse to engage his hindquarters, improve hoof eye co-ordination and adjust stride length.  

Lecture Structure

Following an introduction covering the muscular, joint and neurological benefits of polework and jumping and how to walk distances.


The exercises in this online lecture are split into 6 parts, Exercises :-


  1. For Rhythm, Regularity and Adjustability

  2. For Straightness

  3. For Lateral Balance and Flexibility

  4. For Strength and Power

  5. For Reach and Scope

  6. Gymnastic Jumping Grids

This webinar video lecture was recorded on the 2nd June 2021.

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