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CPD Courses for Equine Therapists

We offer a range of in-person practical day courses, live online seminars as well as a library of on-demand online presentations and courses which are designed for the professional equestrian. CPD certificates are issued for each event. Here's what we would recommend for equine therapists:-

Live Events (in-person and online)

For a full list of upcoming events check out WHAT'S ON

Live Webinars

with Gillian Higgins and other presenters
Gillian Higgins Equine anatomist, biomechanics, author, presenter, coach and therapist .jp

Bespoke Courses

Various dates
Wavendon Grange, Leicestershire, LE14 3L
Myofascial chains fascial release techniques horses inside out gillian higgins equine mass

Important Trunk Transitions

Online Seminar for Professionals
with Dr Vibeke Elbrønd
Friday 19th April 2024
Next Course TBA
Horses Inside Out equine assessing assessment posture asymmetry movement Gillian Higgins.j

Assessing Posture and Movement

Interactive Applied Anatomy

Next Course TBA

Myofascial Chains and
Release Techniques

Next Course TBA
skeleton Anatomical painting horses inside out spine skeleton gillian higgins conformation

Fascia Anatomy and Fascia Release Techniques

2nd, 9th and 10th September 2024
Online and at Wavendon Grange, 
Leicestershire, LE14 3LW
equine dissection courses with Gillian higgins horses inside out cutaneous fascia superfic

Developing Anatomical Palpation

5th and 6th September 2024
Wavendon Grange, Old Dalby, Leicestershire, LE14 3LW
Myofascial chains fascial release techniques horses inside out gillian higgins equine mass

Joint Mobilisations & Musculoskeletal Testing

12th & 13th September 2024
Wavendon Grange, Old Dalby, Leicestershire, LE14 3LW
CPD course joint mobilisation testing musculoskeletal ROM equine therapy techniques horses

On-Demand Learning
All these courses and seminars have CPD certificates on completion (and more) are all available in the Academy.

Anatomy in Action

Anatomy in Action multimedia book video course Gillian Higgins equine biomechanics movemen

Sacroiliac Ligaments and the Iliopsoas Muscle Group

Pelvis Book by Gillian Higgins equine Sacroiliac Ligaments and the iliopsoas muscle group.

Training the Brain with Dr Andrew Hemmings

Training the brain with Dr Andrew Hemmings recorded online seminar Gillian Higgins Horses

Online Lecture Demonstration Series

Recognising Pain Related Poor Performance

Sue Dyson Recognising Poor Performance.png

Digestive Anatomy, Feeding and Nutrition

Digestive Anatomy feeding nutrition online seminar recorded clar macleod Gillian Higgins H

Webinar Collection
Series 1 and 2

Series 1 and 2 recorded webinar collection.jpg

Webinar Collection
Series 3

Webinar Collection
Series 4

Series 4 recorded webinar collection Gillian Higgins Horses Inside Out.jpg

Webinar Collection
Series 5

S5 Movement Collection.jpg

Massage for Horses Course

Understanding Equine Orthopaedic Problems

Jessica Kidd.jpeg

Biomechanics meets Training to Win

Caroline Moore.jpeg

Growth and Development

Upwards and Onwards

Conference 2023.jpg
If you have any requests for CPD courses or speakers please do get in touch.
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