Poles for Posture


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Running Time: 2hours

Lecture Description

Using slow-motion videos of anatomically painted horses, this webinar focuses on the biomechanical advantages of pole work exercises.


Excellent for maintaining and improving posture and contributing to a healthy, mobile, fully functioning musculoskeletal system, the benefits of pole work cannot be overemphasised. 

Gillian demonstrates a variety of different exercises, pole configurations and explain how pole work can develop balance, flexibility, coordination, lateral flexion, strength and control.

This webinar video lecture was recorded on the 4th of November 2020.

Lecture Structure

Following the introduction, the exercises demonstrated in this online lecture are divided into 4 sections :-


  • General Benefits of Pole work

  • Principles of Posture

  • Equipment



  1. Walk Pole Exercises

  2. Trot Pole Exercises

  3. Poles for Straightness

  4. Poles for Lateral Work and Bending

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