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Books with Online Videos and Courses

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Horses Inside Out brings you a collection of books and e-books that have a corresponding video course to bring anatomy and biomechanics to life in a unique and memorable way as well as demonstrating practical techniques and exercises that you can do with your own horse. Equine anatomy and biomechanics specialist, Gillian Higgins, uses detailed anatomical drawings, models and live painted horses to boost your understanding of each subject. Whether you’re a horse owner, rider, coach, therapist, equestrian professional or student, you can study movement biomechanics with Anatomy in Action, head anatomy and its relation to correct bridle fit with Illustrated Head Anatomy, the commonly problematic pelvic region with Sacroiliac and learn new skills to massage your own horse with Massage for Horses.

Book Videos

Equestrian Books By Gillian Higgins

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Gillian Higgins is a leading authority and educator in equine anatomy and biomechanics. She has written a comprehensive range of books that look at how the horse moves, how posture impacts performance, and the importance of understanding horse anatomy and how it relates to the horse’s well-being and way of going. Gillian’s books are based on her extensive study of anatomy, research and experience as an equine therapist, rider, BHS coach and anatomical artist. Her books are highly recommended for anyone who wants to learn more about the structure, function, and health of horses whether you are a horse owner or equestrian professional and are listed on many university and course recommended reading lists.

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Book Packages

These book package deals consist of Gillian's top recommendations for horse owners, coaches, therapists, students, young riders and more. 

Equine Anatomical Posters and Prints

The world of horse anatomy and movement is now available as exclusive fine art prints, captured by equine anatomical artist, Gillian Higgins, in the form of stunning drawings, quirky, word-art drawings and photographs anatomical paintings on horses. Printed on-demand in a variety of sizes, these are ideal for learning the anatomical features of the equine musculoskeletal system or for appreciating the beauty and sublimity of horses and equine anatomy.

E-Books by Gillian Higgins

If you prefer to study online, here is a dedicated library of equestrian e-books for you. These simple e-books are designed to help horse owners, riders, trainers, equine therapists, young riders and equestrian professionals gain an insight into how the horse's body works and how to improve its health and performance. This selection of e-books is a wonderful way to learn the correct terminology and internal structures of the horse, using clear illustrations, models photographs, and explanations to make the complex subject of equine anatomy accessible and engaging.

Equine Anatomical Models

From table top to larger than life-sized models, with bold accurate anatomical painting or quirky skeleton word art these pieces are ideal for educational purposes, for attracting attention or simply to enjoy. Equine anatomical artist, Gillian Higgins, paints model horses with a striking style to illustrate the anatomy. Each commissioned painting is unique and tailored to include specific anatomical structures requested by the client whether commercial, private or public. These models have formed part of exhibitions are displayed at charities, universities and equestrian businesses across the UK. 

Anatomical Head Model

Anatomically Painted Models

Skeleton Word Art Models

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