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Understanding Orthopaedic Problems

with Dr Jessica Kidd

An On-Demand Seminar


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In a world where horses are often pushed to their physiological extremes and social license is beginning to be questioned, a thorough understanding of orthopaedic problems in the horse is of paramount importance.


All owners want their horses to be happy, healthy, sound, and it takes a team of professionals to ensure the horse can perform at their best. The team leader – the general veterinarian will often have to refer to other relevant experts to ensure the horse receives the right specialist care for a particular issue and all members of the team need to understand each other’s roles.


Following equine orthopaedic surgery specialist Dr Jessica Kidd’s popular lectures at this year’s Horses Inside Out Conference, we are pleased to announce that Jessica presents this on-demand CPD seminar –Understanding Orthopaedic Problems in the Horse and their treatment.

Jessica shares her extensive knowledge and experience of dealing with orthopaedic issues in the horse including caudal neck pain, neuropathic pain and Wobbler’s Syndrome. She discusses regenerative medicine and dispels myths about what works and what doesn’t including joint injections and stem cell therapy.

This seminar looks at in detail common problem areas in the horse including:

  • The back, kissing spines and supraspinous ligament desmopathy and facet joint arthritis

  • The sacroiliac region, pelvis fractures, pain and dysfunction

To round off the day Jessica discusses a “Top 10” of lameness in sport horses.

Who is this seminar for?

This online seminar is aimed at professional equine therapists and therapy students but open to anyone wishing to learn the latest scientific developments in understanding, treatment and diagnosis of orthopaedic problems in the horse.


The Programme

Welcome and Introduction

Lecture 1: Update on Diagnosis and Treatment of Neck Conditions in the Horse (1 hour)

This talk covers the clinical presentation of neck conditions including Cervical Vertebral Malformation (“Wobblers” syndrome), articular facet arthropathy and anatomical variations.

Question and Answer Session

Lecture 2: Regenerative Medicine (30 minutes)

This talk givesan informative overview of the current options and will focus on “What is it? How does it work and where can we use it?”

Question and Answer Session

Lecture 3:  Back Focus “Diagnosis and management of back conditions of the horse”. (1 hour)

This lecture covers diagnosis and treatment of some of the basic causes of primary back pain in horses as well as the concept of secondary back pain.

Question and Answer Session

Lecture 4  The Remarkable Sacroiliac Region: Diagnosis and management of sacroiliac conditions. (1 hour)

This talk focusses on the complex sacroiliac region including the lumbosacral region and sacroiliac joints.

Question and Answer Session

Lecture 5: Top 10 lamenesses: “Tips, tricks and pitfalls” (1 hour)

This talk discusses ten of the more common causes of sports horse lameness, how to successfully diagnose and treat the conditions, and common misconceptions.

Question and Answer Session


What's Included

Life-time, on-demand access to the seminar.

Course Notes

CPD Certificate of Participation for eight hours

Seminar Price



Course Leader

Dr Jessica Kidd

RCVS and European Recognised Specialist in Equine Surgery


Jessica Kidd has been involved in equine surgery for more than 20 years. After veterinary school, two years of mixed practice and an internship at a referral racehorse hospital in the States, Jessica returned to the UK to complete an equine surgery residency at the University of Bristol.


This was followed by time as a surgery lecturer at the University of Glasgow and University Equine Surgeon at the University of Cambridge. She then spent seven years in private practice as the surgeon at the Valley Equine Hospital in Lambourn, and is now an external surgical consultant to multiple practices.

Jessica Kidd.jpg

She has presented veterinary presentations at national and international meetings in over twenty countries and has taught numerous CPD courses for veterinary surgeons on specialised equine subjects. 


She holds the RCVS certificate in Equine Surgery (Orthopaedics), is a Diplomate of the European College of Veterinary Surgeons and is an RCVS and European recognised specialist in Equine Surgery. Her areas of interest are both soft tissue and orthopaedic surgery, diagnostic imaging and investigation of lameness cases.

She is the chief editor of The Atlas of Equine Ultrasonography which was recently printed in a second edition and has contributed chapters to Auer’s “Equine Surgery” and “Equine Neck and Back Pathology”. She is a keen motorcyclist and one of the original members of the Horsepower CPD team which has already raised over £980,000 for charities to provide ongoing funding for both working equids and disabled children.

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