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Understanding and Assessing Movement
On-Demand Webinar Collection: Series 5 

  • 30£
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What's Included?

Enjoy the complete collection of series 3 on-demand webinars for a special price of just £30. 

Comprising of over
7 hours of dynamic video lecture presentations with Gillian Higgins, filmed in Spring 2023, this is a comprehensive video collection and learning opportunity.

Certificates of participation included. 

Recognised as CPD for BHS APCs.

This collection includes:-

Part 1: The Biomechanics of Walk

Part 2: The Biomechanics of Trot

Part 3: The Biomechanics of Canter

Approved CPD training (6 points) with the BHS



Anytime - Anywhere - As many times as you like!

Once purchased, you can watch these on-demand webinar at anytime and as many times as you like from any device and from the comfort of your own home! Just make sure you are logged in and then come back to this page!

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  • 30£
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The Biomechanics of Walk 
Series 5: Episode 1

Presented with Gillian’s usual flair and enthusiasm this webinar, the first in a series of 3 on Understanding and Assessing Movement, looks in detail at the benefits and biomechanics of walk. We study the variations between different types of walk from collected to extended and the Spanish walk to free walk on a long rein. Gillian explains and illustrates problems in the walk from irregularities such as a lateral walk to asymmetry and straightness issues. This on-demand webinar is full of techniques and exercises to improve the gait and top tips for improving the walk to gain higher marks in dressage tests. 

S5 E2 Trot.jpg

The Biomechanics of Trot

Series 5: Episode 2


This webinar looks in detail at the biomechanics of trot and study the difference between different types of trot from collected to extended. We will also look at variations and problems within the gait including lameness, diagonal dissociation, asymmetry, and straightness issues. Illustrated using high-definition slow motion videos and Gillian’s signature anatomically painted horses we study the horse from above on a treadmill, as well as from in front and behind, and the traditional side view to truly analyse the gait and movement through the whole body.

S5 E3 Canter.jpg

The Biomechanics of Canter

Series 5: Episode 3

As a forward and asymmetrical gait canter is effective at mobilising the back and warming up your horse. This on-demand webinar looks at the biomechanics of this pace and the differences between collected to extended canter. We also focus on variations and problems within canter including gait irregularities, asymmetries, diagonal dissociation, bucking, four-time canter and the lateral canter. Gillian suggests techniques and exercises to improve the quality of the canter, and top tips for upping your scores in the dressage arena. ​​

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