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equine anatomy skeleton and nuchal ligament painted on horse in motion, trotting
Horses Inside Out is internationally recognised as a leading provider of equine education incorporating a solid understanding of anatomy and biomechanics with the most recent scientific developments alongside tried and tested traditional methods.
Founded by Gillian Higgins in 2006 Horses Inside Out gives horse owners, riders, trainers and professionals a fascinating insight into equine locomotion, training and management from an anatomical perspective.
By painting the muscles, skeleton and other anatomical systems onto live horses Gillian brings anatomy to life to deliver truly inspiring practical lecture demonstrations and courses.
Skeleton painted on horse cantering. Biomechanics of canter, free, wild, moment of suspension

What we do

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Our Horses

Freddie Fox Gillian HIggins horses inside out.jpeg.jpg

Freddie Fox

1995 - 2020

The Original HIO Horse

Toby Gillian HIggins horses inside out_e

Killina Lad

17.hh ISH 11yo Gelding Allrounder

Pumpernickel blue cross adopted Gillian HIggins horses inside out.jpeg


12.2hh cob 7yo gelding

Companion and therapy pony

Arty Artistic Flair Gillian HIggins horses inside out.jpeg

Artistic Flair

17hh 12yo ISH Gelding


The Team Behind the Scenes


Jay MacKay

Customer Support Manager

David Higgins Horses Inside Out.jpg

David Higgins

Book Shop Manager

Ally Lowther.jpg

Allison Lowther

Social Media Manager and Blog Writer


Jessica Limpkin

Blog writer and Brand Ambassador

Shirley Higgins Horses Inside Out.jpg

Shirley Higgins

Admin Assisstant


I am proud to be sponsored by and ride in a WOW saddle. As a rider, anatomist and biomechanist, saddle fit and design is really important to me.


Having ridden up to advanced level eventing I know how important it is to have a saddle that allows maximum freedom of movement through the back.


After the neck, tail and lumbosacral junction, the most flexible part of the spine is between the 13th thoracic and 1st lumbar vertebra. This is directly underneath where we sit which means our weight, together with the saddle, can hamper this movement.


This, added to the fact that horses continually change shape, presents a real problem for saddle makers and riders.


The flair system used by WOW together with the variable head plates and panels designed by David Kempsell, makes this system truly adjustable.


It is worth taking some time to look at all the design features on their website

rider in skeleton body suit, sponsored by Wow saddles

I highly rate and recommend Intelligent Worming.

Intelligent worming supports owners and yard managers who understand that worming is constantly changing and wish to provide their enquiries with individual, tailored programmes and proactive, knowledge based support. Intelligent worming is part of EPL Animal Care, dedicated to improving parasite control services through wormers Direct and ScientifEQ laboratory.

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