Training The Brain

Recorded Online Seminar for Professional Equestrians
with Dr Andrew Hemmings


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Training the brain with Dr Andrew Hemmings recorded online seminar Gillian Higgins Horses

Understanding the mechanisms underpinning behaviour, learning and brain function can improve awareness of how factors can affect performance. This allows further optimisation of training, handling and therapy techniques and the opportunity to improve the husbandry of the horse.

Andrew is a world authority on the equine brain and how that organ impacts on behaviour and training. As a popular presenter at our previous annual conferences, we are delighted Andrew agreed to present this seminar. Covering the anatomy of the brain, how it works and how this knowledge can be applied to handling, training, welfare and management, this recorded online seminar, which also includes a useful insight into stereotypical behaviours and an online brain dissection is a must for therapists, trainers, students and indeed all equine professionals.

Who is this course for?

This recorded online seminar is for professionals and students within the equine industry. Whether you are a vet, behaviourist, trainer, coach, rider, therapist, hoof care or saddlery professional this is a great course for you.

This recorded online seminar covers:-

  • How the brain works,

  • Anatomy of key brain areas related to training, therapy and management,

  • Positive and negative reinforcement equitation training methods,

  • How the brain orchestrates learning processes,

  • How to assess brain function and learning ability,

  • Improving the brain’s ability to learn,

  • Motivation, pleasure and dopamine release,

  • Habit formation and behaviour,

  • Training responses and over training,

  • Stereotypical behaviours,

  • Blink rate as a marker of stress,

  • Dissection of the brain.


Videos included

Lifetime access to this recorded online seminar including these 3 presentations:-

  1. Anatomy of the Brain (1 hour 40 minutes)
    related to riding, training, behaviour therapy and management with question and answer session at end.


  2. Dissection of the Brain (1 hour 35 minutes)
    related to training, therapy and management. Includes both fresh and preserved specimens. with question and answer session at end.

  3. Training the Brain (1 hour 35 minutes)
    behavioural and cognitive indicators of brain activity and how these can be applied by trainers and horse keepers. Include question and answer session at end.

Documents included

  1.  Handout 1 - Anatomy of the Brain

  2. Handout 2 - Training the Brain

  3. Scientific Paper - Applied neruophysiology of the horse; implications for training, husbandy and welfare

  4. Scientific Paper - A Preliminary Study on the Effect of Massage to Reduce Stress in the Horse

  5. Scientific Paper - Altered mesoaccumbens and nigro-striatal dopamine physiology is associated with stereotypy development in a non-rodent species

  6. Scientific Paper - A Neurologic Perspective of Equine Stereotypy

  7. Scientific Paper - Neural modulators of temperament: A multivariate approach to personality trait identification in the horse

  8. Scientific Paper - Causal and functional interpretation of mu- and delta-opioid receptor profiles in mesoaccumbens and nigrostriatal pathways of an oral stereotypy phenotype

  9. Certificate of Participation

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