Head Anatomy
related to comfort, performance, bridle fit and design


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Running Time: 2 hours, 36 mins

Lecture Description

Correct bridle fit is just as important at saddle fit and can have a huge influence on your horse’s comfort and way of going. This webinar boosts your knowledge on this subject by looking in detail at the internal and external structures of the head.


To give you a clear understanding of what lies under your horse’s skin and to help you see your horse from a new perspective, Gillian (as usual) uses her signature paintings on horses, drawings, intricate anatomy models and dissection photographs and videos to illustrate the points.


Covering the hyoid apparatus, temporomandibular joint and tongue as well as bones, nerves, muscles and teeth, this in-depth webinar, perfect for riders, coaches, horse owners, therapists and bridle fitters, demonstrates palpation and therapy techniques you can do with your hose and how understanding more about the anatomy of the head enables us to fit a bridle and handle the head more sensitively with the comfort and performance of the horse in mind.

Lecture Structure

Following an introduction this webinar covers the:-

  •   Illustrated Head Anatomy

  •   The Anatomy of the Head

  •   Bones of the Head

  •   Anatomical Connections

  •   Muscles of the Head

  •   Nerves of the Head


  •   Noseband Anatomy

  •   Headpiece Anatomy


This is a recording of a live webinar. It was recorded on the 2nd March 2022.

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