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Episode 2: Riding from the Anatomical Perspective


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Lecture Description

As soon as we sit on our horse's backs we compromise his posture and ability to move, affect his balance and increase the strain on his joints, tendons and ligaments.


It is vital that we recognise this and how the horse supports his posture and musculoskeletal system. From there we can look at ways to strengthen his body in preparation for a rider and performance whatever the discipline.

Improving our equine partner's fitness, posture, strength and suppleness are key to preparing and future proofing the body. There are many ways we as rider's can help to reduce the burden we place on our horse's backs. Personal fitness, balance, posture and riding skill are all things we can work on to improve not only our own health but that of our horse's too.


This is something we will explore in much greater detail in this lecture demonstration, Riding from the Anatomical Perspective, episode 2 of this online series.

This jam-packed lecture demonstration appeals to all riders whatever the level or discipline and will help improve your riding and ensure your horse is happy and healthy.

There are 3 horses involved in this lecture demonstration. Event rider Fiona Davidson rides one of her young horses and with the help of painting the skeleton on one side and the muscles, the myofascial chains that affect the spine and hindlimbs on the other this whole subject is so much easier to understand. Gillian's horse, Arty, helps to illustrate the role of the thoracic sling muscles and also, the newest member of the Horses Inside Out team, Toby makes his first appearance, helping to illustrate the role of the breathing muscles.

Lecture Structure

Good Back Posture

In this lecture demonstration we cover in detail what is good back posture and what we as riders can do to help the horse support that back posture and prepare him for carrying the weight of the rider.


You’ll learn about the four main ways the horse maintains and supports good back posture:

  1.  Positioning of the head

  2.  The recruitment of muscles – which muscles need to be well toned

  3.  The thoracic sling muscles

  4.  Positioning of the hindleg


To apply everything that you learn to your own horse, a number of exercises will be demonstrated that are good for strengthening your horse’s body so he’s more able to perform as a ridden horse. These exercises are suitable for all horses whatever their age and are beneficial for keeping them healthy through their backs.

Influence of the Rider

By the end of this two-hour online lecture demonstration, you will have the tools and understanding to ride in better harmony with your horse.


The Effect of Tack

We also discuss the much debated topic of what happens when you add tack - the good and the bad. The rider’s position and balance and how that effects the horse in a positive and negative way.


This is sure to be a fascinating couple of hours.

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