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The Complete Coach's Collection

with Gillian Higgins

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If you are keen to improve your knowledge and learn new skills to help your existing clients and attract new ones, the Horses Inside Out Coaches Training Package is for you. This collection of on-demand learning opportunities has been specifically selected for equestrian coaches, instructors and trainers. Under the expert guidance of Gillian Higgins, you will learn all about equine anatomy and biomechanics and gain practical and valuable tools to help the riders and horses you train. Also, completing this selection of online learning will also provide you with CPD points.

With a better understanding of anatomy and biomechanics you will be able to :-


  • Offer targeted teaching and coaching techniques

  • Help riders progress further

  • Improve the horse’s performance

  • Assess horse movement

  • Explain methods and techniques to assess and improve equine movement and locomotion

  • Understand which exercises can improve the horse and why

  • Recognise how exercises influence the horse’s body

  • Understand which exercises stretch or strengthen muscles

  • Help improve both horse and rider performance

  • Identify key areas that need working on

  • Understand how symptoms of problems or issues can appear in one area but the cause can be in another

  • Improve harmony between horse and rider

  • Understand why the timing of the aids is crucial

  • Improve performance, posture and movement

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What's Included

Sign up to the Horses Inside Out COMPLETE COACH'S COLLECTION to gain lifetime access to over 40 hours of hugely valuable online content pertinent to all equestrian coaches:


The Anatomy in Action video course

Four-part Lecture Demonstration Series

  • Principles of Movement

  • Riding from the Anatomical Perspective

  • Dressage Dissected

  • Jumping from the Anatomical Approach

15 recorded webinars (each 2-3 hours)

CPD Certificate

Approved CPD training (6 points) with the BHS


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Coach's Collection




Course Leader

Andrew has presented at a number of our annual conferences over the years and he always delivers a fascinating lecture full of useful informations and usable techniques as well as his latest sceintific research with enthusiasm and an enthrauling and dynamic style.

Here is a blog article from a delegate on his presentation at our 2020 annual conference:

dr andrew hemmings giving a talk

Gillian Higgins

Gillian Higgins, founder and principal lecturer of Horses Inside Out, is an anatomist, biomechanist lecturer and author. Gillian is passionate about horses, anatomy and sharing all she knows for the good of the horse. Having competed up to advanced level eventing and achieved her BHS Senior Coach and completed multiple therapy qualifications,

Gillian is in a great place to apply anatomy to riding, training and coaching.

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