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Massage for Horses
An Online Course with Gillian Higgins


This online massage course for horse owners is a step by step guide that will give you the confidence and skills to massage your horse with soft tissue techniques that really make a difference to equine comfort, health and performance.


Learning massage for your horse can help to improve mobility, suppleness, flexibility and posture as well as helping with mental relaxation and contentment.

Massage is a superb opportunity to develop the bond between you and your horse.

In this online massage course, learn:-

  • The principles of massage including the benefits, different types and when not to massage

  • All about the importance of posture, energy and grounding

  • How to evaluate your horse’s behaviour and reactions.

  • Learn all about the muscles, fascia, tendons, ligaments, bones and joints relevant to massage and pressure through an anatomical painting session.

From clear demonstrations with multiple horses, you will learn how to assess your horses back for soreness and tension as well as a variety of different massage techniques including:-

  • Myofascial release techniques

  • Effleurage

  • Petrissage

  • Kneading

  • Cross fibre massage

  • Frictions and

  • Tapotement techniques.

As well as giving you a number of different example routines you will also learn how to tailor massage to suit you, your horse and the aims of different massage from maintenance to warm up, relaxation and detox massage to deep tissue massage.


Whatever discipline or activities you do with your horses they will benefit from massage. We all want the best for our horses and as they do so much for us, Learning how to massage is a great way of giving something back.


What's Included

The Full Package includes:

Over 6 hours of video lectures and demonstrations in 6 clear sections to follow


Clear written descriptions and photographs

Accompanying Book

Practical sessions for you to follow with your horse

Quiz and questionnaires at the end of each section

Membership to exclusive online massage course Live Forum

Opportunity to ask Gillian questions in the Live Forum

Certificate of Participation upon completion

Self-paced - work at your own speed

Access anytime to suit you

Access from multiple devices 

1 year to work through the course


1. Introduction

Principles of Massage

Posture and Grounding

2. Myofascial Release

Skin Scan

Basic Myofascial Techniques

3. Massage Anatomy

4. Massage Techniques Introduction

Effleurage Techniques

Petrissage Techniques

Frictions Techniques

Tapotement Techniques 

5. Massage Routines

Maintenance Routine

Before Tacking Up Routine

After Work Routine

Warm Up Routine

6. Commonly Asked Questions





Course Price

Course with book £160*


Course only £130


Book only £30*

*plus book postage

Course Leader

Course Leader


Gillian is an equine anatomist, biomechanist, BHS Senior Coach, Professional Sports and Remedial Therapist and author with a first-class honours degree in Equine Science and Business Management.


Gillian is well known for her dynamic and engaging presentation style, approachable manner and ability to make sometimes difficult subjects seem easy, useful and relevant.

With a passion for equine massage and with the welfare and comfort of the horse in mind, she has given massage workshops all over the world.


Gillian has studied a variety of equine and human modalities both traditional and holistic.


As well as conventional training, Gillian has studied Equine Therapies in America, France, Germany and Sweden and is committed to giving our equine partners the best possible levels of care and consideration.


She specialises in assessing the musculoskeletal systems and designing exercise programmes for improving posture and performance as well as assessing and addressing individual horses’ weaknesses. 


Gillian works with horses from all disciplines and levels from leisure to Olympic.

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