We run webinars on the first Wednesday of the month. Including painted horses and slow-motion video, as well as Gillian's clear explanations allows the audience to observe and understand what is happening under the skin as the horse moves. These webinars are always full of suggestions, practical tips and exercises to use with your horse.


There are 2 options for viewing the webinars:



For just £10 you can watch the webinar live, ask questions and interact with the Q&A session. The following day we will also send you a link which enables you to watch it for the next 7 days.


Watch our back catalogue of webinars! For just £10 you can purchase lifetime access to the recorded version of the webinar. This version does not include and Q&A. 

NB. Webinar recordings will not be available until after the date of the live webinar.

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Online Lectures and Video Courses

Through our online learning hub, The Horses Inside Out Academy, we have a number of online video lectures that you can watch anywhere, anytime and as many times as you like.
Become a member of the Academy (it's free to join) then you can watch a series of free tutorial videos as well as having the opportunity to purchase the full length video lectures and video courses.

We are currently working on creating more online lectures and courses for the Academy so are continually adding new content.


Live Painted Horse Lecture Demonstrations

These applied and interactive day or evening demonstrations explain in a clear, entertaining, memorable way how understanding our horses’ make up allows us to ride, train and manage them efficiently and effectively. 
Ideal for horse owners, riders, coaches, vet students, saddlers, farriers and novice or advanced groups.


With the internal anatomy painted on the outside, Gillian demonstrates exercises to develop a supple, strong, comfortable horse able to maximise range of movement and perform at his best. With a rider in a skeleton body suit, it is also possible to see the interaction between horse and rider.


Applied Anatomy and Biomechanics Courses

Led by Gillian, these 2-day Courses are of interest to horse owners, coaches, riders, judges, therapists, instructors, hoof professionals, saddlers, students and horse owners. 
Using a mix of video-based theory and practical sessions, Gillian explains the practical application of anatomy and biomechanics to how we ride and care for our horses. 
Topics can include joint movement, muscles and myofascial chains, posture, tendon
 and ligament biomechanics, the mechanics of dressage, polework, jumping, the effect of asymmetry and compensation patterns.

This course can be adapted for specific interested groups. Just get in touch

   Lectures and Video Based Talks    

Using painted horses and slow-motion video allows the audience to observe and understand what is happening under the skin as the horse moves.


The talks, which are very popular with the BHS and riding clubs, can be run at any time of year but are particularly popular for indoor winter talks.





Understanding the Horse’s Back
Polework and Gymnastic Jumping for all Disciplines 
Not Quite Right?
Pilates for Horses
Striving for Straightness
Dressage Dissected
Asymmetry and Compensation Patterns


If you have a specific area of interest please just get in touch


Practical Workshops for Horse Owners

Held at our base in the Midlands or at your yard, these unique and innovative courses are very popular, great fun and an excellent way to learn more about the anatomy, biomechanics, training, management and comfort of your horse.


Some courses involve led anatomical painting.


They are ideal for small groups, (maximum 24) and particularly popular with riding clubs, livery yards and exam groups. 

Workshops can cover such topics as:


'Pilates' for Horses

Massage and Stretching for Horses

The Equine Gym

Assessing Posture and Movement

Skeletal Anatomy

Applied Anatomy

Anatomical Painting

The Horses Inside Out Annual Conference for professionals in the equine industry

Annual Conference

Each year we organise a popular, high quality two day conference focussing on a specific theme.


With world-renowned speakers who are experts in their field, our conferences are aimed at all those with an interest in improving horse well being and performance as well as keeping abreast of new ideas, scientific research and the latest innovations in the equine world. 


Our conferences are of interest to riders of all disciplines, therapists, coaches, saddlery professionals, farriers, podiatrists, dentists, lecturers, students, vets and breeders.


Dissection Workshops

These hands on dissection workshops provide a rare and unique opportunity to study the anatomy of the horse and apply the acquired knowledge to movement, training or therapy. They are led by Gillian Higgins and other invited anatomy specialists.


Come along to 1,2 or 3 days in the series. These days are very popular and fill quickly.

Equine Dissection Anatomy courses

Bespoke Courses and One-to-One Training

Whether a large organisation, club, small centre, group or individual, arranging a bespoke event either in Britain or overseas could be for you. 

Take a look at ‘what we do’ for inspiration! 


Whether you are a student, saddler, coach, rider, equine professional or horse owner, if you are interested in anatomy, biomechanics, therapy, movement or exam preparation, one to one session’s with Gillian in a relaxed atmosphere at her home in Leicestershire could be for you - 


Just call us to describe and discuss your requirements. We can then suggest various options that may be of interest.


Pilates for Horses

Gillian developed her 'Pilates' for horses exercises and techniques as she recognised that many horses, as well as people, could benefit from improved posture, core strength,  stability, flexibility, coordination and balance. 

Pilates for Horses, core stability, posture, equine flexibility, coordination, improve back pain, discomfort,
Equine therapy, myofascial release, joint mobilisations, postural assessment, range of movement tests, core stability exercise programmes

Equine Therapy Consultations

Bring your horse to Wavendon Grange in Leicestershire for a musculoskeletal and postural assessment and therapy session with Gillian Higgins and go home with a tailored exercise and therapeutic plan.

Learn more: