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Equine Anatomy Exhibition 2024

2.30pm - 5pm on Saturday 17th February 2024
Holywell Conference Centre, Loughborough University, Loughborough LE11 3GR 

Join us at the Horses Inside Out Anatomy Exhibition 2024 to marvel at equine anatomy. This exhibition rivals parts of the Natural History Museum. Learn about horse anatomy, visualise the structures under the skin. The theme of this year's anatomy exhibition is growth and development.


Early bird tickets: £25 (before 31st Jan)

Tickets in Advance: £35 (before 10th Feb)

Late Booking Tickets: £40

Group bookings available on request.

Includes refreshments and access to conference trade stands.

PLEASE NOTE: the anatomy exhibition is part of the Horses Inside Out Conference.

Tickets to view the Anatomy Exhibition do not include access to the conference lectures.

Anatomy exhibition entrance is free to all conference delegates.

painted model of horse and foal skeleton head and neck

This comprehensive horse anatomy exhibition will include:-

  • Pieces created by equine anatomist Gillian Higgins and contributions from others including hoof anatomy specialist - Mark Johnson

  • An interactive zone where you can get hands on. (Can you align a spine, arrange the bones of the hock joint or correct an order to build a skeleton?)

  • Horse skeletons in a variety of poses demonstrating movement.

  • Immature skeletons from yearlings and 4 year olds and mature skeletons from 10 to 24year old horses, illustrating maturity and development of bone and growth plates.

  • Genetic anomalies, abnormalities and pathological changes

  • A variety of anatomically painted models

  • Illustrated head anatomy

  • Models illustrating tendons and ligaments of the sacroiliac, stifle and lower limbs joints

  • Freeze dried lower limbs illustrating a variety of ages, common developmental issues and problems.

  • Equine anatomical art and posters

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