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Equine Anatomical Art Exhibition 

10am - 4pm on Thursday 22nd - Sunday 25th August 2024
Wavendon Grange, Lawn Lane, Old Dalby, Leicestershire, LE14 3LW

The Horses Inside Out Equine Anatomical Art Exhibition 2024 is a unique opportunity to explore and learn more about the anatomy of the horse. This exhibition showcases equine  anatomy as you have never seen it before. Come away with new insight and ability to visualise structures under your horse's skin and how they function. Appreciate growth and development of horses from birth to adulthood and see common problems, pathologies and abnormalities that affect modern day horses. As a horse lover, student, or equine professional and whether you pop in for an hour or the whole day, you will find this exhibition fascinating and educational.

2pm each day:
Any Question Session with Gillian.


Tickets: £25

Refreshments available

painted model of horse and foal skeleton head and neck

This comprehensive horse anatomy exhibition will include:-

  • An interactive zone. Come and get hands on to learn more about equine anatomy. Can you align an equine spine, arrange the bones of the hock joint or build a horse skeleton?

  • Horse skeletons in a variety of poses demonstrating just how amazing equine movement really is!

  • Full equine skeletons. From immature yearlings and 4-year-olds to mature horses from 10 to 24 years old. Take the opportunity to study and understand the growth and development of the horse and see for yourself the development of bone and growth plates.

  • An extensive collection of anatomically painted equine models.

  • Word Art, impressionist and abstract artwork by Gillian Higgins

  • Hoof and lower limb zone. 

  • A head zone. Study 3D printed models illustrating the muscles tendons, vessels and nerves of the horse's head. 

  • Understand some of the genetic anomalies, abnormalities and pathological changes that can affect the horse.

  • Detailed equine models illustrating the tendons and ligaments of the sacroiliac, stifle and lower limbs joints.

  • Preserved lower limbs of horses of various ages which illustrate some of the most common developmental issues and problems.

  • A fascinating collection of equine anatomical art and posters.

  • Opportunities to question Gillian about horses, anatomy and biomechanics.

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