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Dissection Workshops

Next Date TBA 

Led By Gillian Higgins 

About the Workshops

These hands-on day courses offer an insight into the anatomy of the horse and provide a rare and invaluable opportunity to look at the structures we influence by training and therapy.

Equine dissection horse spine anatomy, muscles, fascia, tendon, ligaments vertebrae joints spinal cord nerves

If you wish to register your interest for our next Series of Dissection Workshops 
please email:

The Spine

This workshop will focus on joint mechanics from the poll to the tail.


Gillian will lead a dissection looking at the spinal ligaments and musculature and their effect on movement, performance and posture.


Dr Hemmings will lead a dissection focusing on the spinal cord and major nerves.  


This is our most popular dissection day course and is of special interest to equine therapists, saddlers, coaches and riders.


 Book early to avoid disappointment.

Head and Neck

Gillian will focus on how understanding the anatomy and biomechanics affects neck position and outline. She will also look at bridle design and fit, poll pressure, the tongue, the TMJ and the hyoid apparatus.
Dr Hemmings will lead an examination of the brain, behaviour patterns and how malfunction can give rise to repetitive stereotypic behaviours such as crib-biting and weaving.
This dissection will also explain responses to outside stimuli - of real interest to coaches, therapists and riders. 
equine dissection, anatomy of the head and neck, under the skin muscles, fascia, bone, tendon
equine dissection, anatomy of the limbs, under the skin muscles, fascia, bone, tendon

Entire Fore and Hindlimb Dissection

Pelvis to Pedal and Withers to Pastern
In this dissection all the joints from the sacroiliac to the coffin joint and the shoulder to the distal phalangeal will be studied. Both Gillian and Dr. Hemmings will focus on the importance of the limbs in relation to posture, balance, soundness, symmetry, stability, movement and hoof balance.
Other areas covered, of interest to riders, coaches and therapists are: 
 The stay apparatus and reciprocal system
The suspensory and check ligaments
The biceps catapult
Sacroiliac joint ligaments
Patella ligaments
The thoracic sling


09.00:   Registration

09.30:   Introductions and Explanations

10.30:    Led Dissections and Practical Sessions

12.30:    Lunch

13.30:    Led Dissections and Practical Sessions

15.00:   Break

15.30:    Led Dissections and Practical Sessions

16.30:    End of Dissection, Discussion and Collect

              Certificates of Participation 

17.00:    Close


Certificates of Participation suitable for CPD will be issued.

Disposable gloves, lab coats and safety equipment will be provided.

Tea and Coffee will be available throughout the day from the college canteen.

Lunch is available from the college or bring your own.

Directions and a location map will be sent with your receipt.


Dissection Workshop Prices



The Spine

The Head and Neck

The Limbs





Dissection Leaders

Gillian Higgins course leader


With a fascination for applied anatomy and biomechanics, Gillian takes every opportunity to further develop her skills and knowledge which she applies to riding, training and the management of horses.

Studying anatomy at dissections have played a huge role in her understanding and growth and she is now proud to run annual dissection workshops through the aptly named ‘Horses Inside Out’.

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