Digestive, Feeding and Nutrition

Recorded Online Seminar with
Clare MacLeod, Gillian Higgins and Liam Gamble

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Understanding the anatomy of the digestive system is an important step in maintaining a balanced and healthy diet for your horse.


We ask our horses to perform workloads that require more than just grass to sustain them, we keep them domesticated with limited ability to forage for their own nutritional needs and in modern-day sport we push our horses to their physiological extremes, so it is up to us to ensure we are providing them with the right feeding and nutrition to keep them happy, comfortable, healthy and able to perform.

In this seminar, we are delighted to be joined by the well-known independent nutritionist Clare MacLeod.


To start, in true Horses Inside Out style, Gillian takes you on an anatomical journey through the gastrointestinal tract. Clare, who provides unbiased, dietary information and is passionate about nutrition, health and fitness then looks at the theory of feeding and in her second presentation examines hows to put theory into practice and look at a range of feed plans suitable for different types of horses. Veterinarian and gut health specialist Liam Gamble, gives an overview of the equine microbiota, the past, present and future perspectives. 

This 5-hour recorded online seminar includes:-

  • How to ensure optimal health by keeping the digestive tract healthy.

  • Feeding forage first and why.

  • Selecting the best type of forage.

  • Why forage alone is not a balanced diet.


  • A simple 3 part guide on how to balance the diet.


  • How to choose concentrates that best fit the horse's digestive tract.


  • What not to do and why. 


  • Feeding plans for horses that are in work, over or underweight.


  • How to feed horses in musculoskeletal rehabilitation.


  • Practical tips to keep your horse healthy.

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What's Included



A Journey through the Digestive System
with Gillian Higgins (55 minutes including Q&A)

The Theory of Feeding
with Clare MacLeod (1 hour 20 minutes including Q&A)

Equine Microbiome Modification: The Present & Future Perspectives with Liam Gamble (45 minutes including Q&A)

Feeding Plans - Putting the theory into practice
with Clare MacLeod (1 hour 25 minutes 
including Q&A)




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