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A Comprehensive Online Course and Book

"This is our most exciting, in-depth and adventurous project yet."

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Immerse yourself in this detailed comprehensive study of horse movement from the anatomical perspective to improve your understanding of equine locomotion and biomechanics and ability to assess horse movement.

Of interest to trainers, coaches, therapists, vets, riders and equine professionals from all disciplines, and involving Olympic and world champion combinations from different disciplines, 
Anatomy in Action is available as a beautiful, quality, hardback book, a detailed, high-definition movement video course or both.


Illustrating every movement of the horse, the versatility, elegance, strength, and athletic prowess of the horse in motion, this is a resource to savour, scrutinise, analyse, interpret and relish for years to come.

The Complete Collection 

Book and video course in equine movement. Horse and rider anatomy and biomechanics complete collection



The Hard Cover Book

Horse anatomy in action, biomechanics coach, horse riding, horse rider interaction, education hard cover book


The Online
Video Course 

Video course in equine biomechanics and horse movement online video course
  • 120£

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The Concept

The aim of this project, which has been 5 years in the making, has been to create both a stunning photographic record and a quality educational catalogue of equine movement.