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All About Fascia

A Live Online Seminar

with Gillian Higgins

9.30am - 4pm Monday 2nd September 2024

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In this live online seminar, world-renowned equine anatomist, Gillian Higgins will take a deep dive into the anatomy, structure and types of fascia as well as exploring function and dysfunction and give an introduction to myofascial release techniques. 

The fascial system is a network of fibrous connective tissue that surrounds and encompasses all nerves, lymph and blood vessels, bones, muscles and organs.


It forms a continuous 3D web that travels with no separation through the entire body. It keeps the body organised, creates shape and function, and is involved in overall musculoskeletal health.


Fascia is important for posture, movement and force transmission. It also plays an important role in proprioception, reflexes, energy, feeling and potentially even the horse’s emotion. Its hydration is vital for slide and glide and proper functioning of the musculoskeletal structures.


Healthy fascia is vital for a healthy horse.

There is also an option to join a follow on 2-day practical course at Wavendon Grange to get hands on with horses and techniques after completing this online seminar. 

Learn more about the practical course HERE

equine dissection courses with Gillian higgins horses inside out cutaneous fascia superfic


09.30: Webinar Opens
10.00: Introduction

10.05: The Anatomy of Fascia Components
10.45: Q&A
11.00: Break

11.30: Structure and Types of Fascia
12.15: Q&A
12.30: Lunch

13:30: Functions of Fascia
14.15: Q&A
14.30: Break

15.00: An Introduction to Fascia Palpation and Release Techniques
15.45: Q&A
16.00: Close

How it Works

This online event will be hosted via zoom.


On the day before the event you will receive an email inviting you to register with zoom for the event - just follow the instructions!

We will open the webinar 30 minutes before it starts at 09.30 to give you plenty of time to log on.

A 14-day link to the recording will sent out via email the day after each part.

Handouts will be sent the day before the event.

Certificates or participation will be emailed out after the event

Recommended Prior Reading:

Posture and Performance

Understanding Muscles and Fascia


Course Leader


Gillian Higgins

Gillian is an equine anatomist, biomechanist, BHS Senior Coach, professional Sports and Remedial Therapist and author with a first class honours degree in Equine Science and Business Management.


Gillian is passionate about posture. She specialises in assessing the musculoskeletal systems and designing exercise programmes for improving posture and performance as well as assessing and addressing individual horses’ weaknesses. 

Gillian Profile_edited.jpg

Gillian has studied a variety of equine and human modalities both traditional and holistic.



As well as conventional training, Gillian has studied equine therapies in America, France, Germany and Sweden and is committed to giving our equine partners the best possible levels of care and consideration.



Gillian works with horses from all disciplines and levels from leisure to Olympic.


Course Price

Tickets:  £120

This seminar and the 2-day Practical Course: £495

Learn more about the practical course HERE

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