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If you are truly serious about horses, this is the ultimate Horses Inside Out learning experience. Get all of Gillian’s 11 published books and their associated video content in one package and save over £55! Each one of Gillian’s books covers a different aspect of anatomy and biomechanics related to improving horse comfort, training, musculoskeletal health and performance. They are all written in Gillian’s easy-to-understand style and illustrated with her beautiful signature anatomical paintings on real live horses.  Giving a huge visual insight into how your horse moves and how the horse functions this collection of books supports education, training, riding and performance and is an invaluable investment for your personal and professional development.


This Package includes:

  • How Your Horse Moves
  • Horse Anatomy for Performance
  • Posture and Performance
  • Pilates and Stretching for Horses
  • Massage for Horses (the book)
  • Massage for Horses (the online course)
  • Anatomy in Action (the book)
  • Anatomy in Action (the online course)
  • Exploring Equine Anatomy - A Mindfulness Colouring Book
  • Illustrated Head Anatomy (the book and accompanying videos)
  • The Sacroiliac Ligaments and the Iliopsoas Muscle Group (the book and accompanying videos)
  • Anatomy Poster Book Volume 1: The Musculoskeletal System (Large)
  • Anatomy Poster Book Volume 2: The Internal Organs (Large)


These books are worth £576.96. Save £76.96 and pay only £500 with this package deal.

The Complete Collection

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