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This collection of 3 books and one online course is the perfect introduction to anatomy, massage and stretching and core-strengthening exercises that every horse owner should know. This is the package we recommend for all horse owners new to Horses Inside Out or new to horse ownership. 


This package, designed to support you and your horse, includes:-

  • How Your Horse Moves
  • Pilates & Stretching for Horses
  • Massage for Horses (the book) 
  • Massage for Horses (the online course)


How Your Horse Moves gives a great starting point to understanding the musculoskeletal system within the horse and how it works, Pilates and Stretching will help you support your horse throughout its lifetime with a range of exercises to maintain and promote strength and mobility and Gillian’s Massage for Horses book and online course is designed to give you the skills and confidence to massage your own horse. 


This course provides you with a solid understanding of the horses musculoskeletal system as well as providing you with the skills to support and maintain your horse with exercises and massage techniques.


All presented in Gillian’s easy-to-understand style with stunning images, this is a package not to be missed. 


Worth £190.99 save over £20 and pay only £170 with this package deal.

Horse Owner Starter Pack

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