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A good knowledge of anatomy is a key asset to making the difference between a good and a great therapist. These books in this collection are recommended and are perfect for equine therapy students making applied anatomy, easy to appreciate, understand and learn.


 A strong foundation in equine anatomy and biomechanics is essential for equine therapists to effectively assess and treat horses, ensuring their comfort, function, and overall health. This knowledge allows therapists to identify potential sources of pain or dysfunction, interpret the horse's movement patterns, and tailor their treatment plans accordingly. By recognising subtle changes in the horse's posture, gait, and muscle tone, therapists can pinpoint areas of concern and develop targeted interventions.

Grasping the principles of biomechanics empowers equine therapists to analyse how the horse's body functions during movement and identify areas of strain or imbalance. This understanding enables therapists to address underlying biomechanical issues that may contribute to pain, lameness, or performance limitations.


The Equine Therapy student pack is made up of:-

- Horse Anatomy for Performance,

- How your Horse Moves,

- Posture & Performance,

- Sacroilliac Ligaments and Iliopsoas muscle group,

- the anatomy poster books volume 1 & 2,

- the Horses Inside Out Massage book

- Exploring Equine Anatomy

- and the ever popular Pilates and Stretching. 


Worth £181.50 save over £20 and pay only £160 with this package deal.

Equine Therapy Student Pack

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