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Anatomical Models

Gillian paints model horses with a striking style to illustrate the anatomy. Each commissioned painting is unique and tailored to include specific anatomical structures requested by the client whether commercial, private or public. 


From small to life-sized models, these are ideal for educational purposes, for attracting attention or simply to enjoy. These models have formed part of exhibitions are displayed at charities, universities and equestrian businesses across the UK.

Anatomically Painted Models

gillian higgins, horse muscles, masseter, brachiocephalic, sternocephalic, splenius, trapezius, cervical ventral serrated, supraspinatus, infraspinatus, deltoideus, triceps, latissimus dorsi, ventral thoracic serrated muscle, intercostal, dorsalis seratus, longissimus dorsi, intercostal, external abdominal obliquus,  gluteals, tensor fascia lata, biceps femoris, long digital extensor muscle, ulna carpal extensor

"Eye catching, colourful, beautiful anatomical artwork."

These unique individually designed and painted anatomical models of horses or other animals are suitable for a variety of purposes or simply to enjoy.​

Commissioned paintings start from £250 plus the cost of the model.


If you would like more details please email or call us to discuss.

Gillian Higgins, anatomical artist, cervical vertebrae, longus colli, deep cranial pectoral muscle, subclavian, nuchal ligament, trachea, oesophagus, horse sculpture model spine, skeleton

Word Art Models

"A quirky and educational addition to your mantlepiece."
These word art models are suitable for teaching, learning or simply to enjoy.
Commissioned painted models start from £250 plus the cost of the model.​
If you would like to discuss, please email or call us using the buttons below.

Anatomical Head Model


This model is available to purchase.


"Having been privileged to study the structures of the equine head from the inside out and being aware of the delicacy and complexity of the structures, I was keen to produce, not only an object of beauty, but also an accurate anatomical model that could contribute to the awareness of the structures of the head in relation to bridle fit and design, movement and facial expression." says Gillian

Named Poseidon after the ancient Greek God of horses, and fashioned in the style of the head statues of the ancient Greek Gods, this model accurately conveys the beauty, power, anatomical accuracy of the horse's head.

This model features highly in the multimedia book

Creating Poseidon

Using a real pony skull Gillian sculpted the soft tissue structures in plasticine before 3D scanning and printing.


This horse head model enables us to see the bony structures as well as the soft tissues, nerves and blood vessels. It is the detail encapsulated in the sculpture which allows us to visualise some of the more nebulous structures of the head.


The hyoid apparatus for example, which gives form to the pharynx, larynx and tongue and from which there are strong links to the rest of the body can be studied in detail; the position of the nerves and emerging teeth can be seen and help and encourage us to treat the head with empathy and respect.

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