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This multimedia book investigates and explains the anatomical structures of the head. It studies how these structures influence, and are influenced by, movement, biomechanics, the muscular and skeletal health and performance of the entire horse.


Understanding more about the anatomy of the head enables us to design and fit headcollars and bridles more sensitively, handle the head more thoughtfully and manage the horse more considerately.


The book helps us to understand the importance and function of the tempromandibular joint, the hyoid apparatus, the significance and position of the nerves, the sinus cavities and how to look after the teeth effectively.


With a forward by the well respected vet and equine dentist, Dr Chris Pearce, packed full of interesting facts and beautifully illustrated with a mix of anatomical models, real bones, dissection specimens and photographs, this book is of interest to, and perfect for, bridle and bit fitters, saddlers, vets, therapists, students, trainers and anyone interested in the anatomy, comfort and wellbeing of the horse.


The pack includes printed and e versions of the book as well as 4 short explanatory online videos. To view this online content you will need to become a member of our academy.


Video 1: Bones of the Skull
Using a real horse’s skull, an anatomically accurate head model and live horses, this short video tutorial focusses on the structures of the skull and how to locate them. It then considers their location in relation to bridle fit and design.


Video 2: The Hyoid Apparatus
Using real hyoid bones, an anatomically accurate head model and live horses, this short video tutorial, focusses on the anatomy, location and function of the hyoid apparatus.


Video 3: The Muscles of the Head
This short video tutorial focuses on the muscles of the head, their anatomy, function, location and how to palpate them. 

Illustrated Head Anatomy




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