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Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Struggling with finishing off your shopping for your horsey friends? We're here to help you with some cracking gift ideas that provide education direct to your computer - and you don't need to rely on the post! There's a whole host of fascinating online courses and packages available from the Horses Inside Out Academy.


Collections of Recorded Webinars - Series 1, 2, 3 or 4

These recorded webinars give the perfect opportunity to learn about how the horse works, anatomy and biomechanics. Each webinar focusses on a specific topic and are full of top tips and exercises for improving your horse's comfort and performance.

Catch up on the whole series or purchase the episodes individually.


Recognising Pain Related Poor Performance with Dr Sue Dyson

Horses that aren’t quite performing as they should be is a common issue and can leave you questioning your training and general management to find the answers. One fundamental skill we should all have is the ability to recognise when these issues are pain-related.

It’s easy to overlook mild, multi-limb lameness and mild pain-related issues but it’s essential for the welfare of the horse to be able to identify when this is the problem. This interesting and educational seminar with Dr Sue Dyson takes you through the straightforward system Sue has developed for assessing horse movement and comfort. You'll learn how to use this system and different tips and techniques that give you the confidence to recognise pain related poor performance.

The online package is made up of three videos:

  1. How to recognise low-grade lameness

  2. How do horses adapt their behaviour in the face of musculoskeletal pain?

  3. Social licence: Do we have evidence to support the use of horses in competition?


Digestive Anatomy, Feeding and Nutrition

This 5-hour recorded online seminar with independent nutritionist Clare MacLeod, vet Liam Gamble and Gillian Higgins gives you a greater understanding of the anatomy of the digestive system and why it's so important to maintain a balanced and healthy diet for your horse.

Here's some of the topics that are covered:

  • How to ensure optimal health by keeping the digestive tract healthy

  • ​Feeding forage first and why

  • ​​Selecting the best type of forage

  • ​​Why forage alone is not a balanced diet

  • A simple 3 part guide on how to balance the diet

  • How to choose concentrates that best fit the horse's digestive tract

  • What not to do and why

  • Feeding plans for horses that are in work, over or underweight

  • How to feed horses in musculoskeletal rehabilitation

  • Practical tips to keep your horse healthy


Training the Brain with Dr Andrew Hemmings

Andrew is a world authority on the equine brain and how that organ impacts on behaviour and training.

This seminar covers the anatomy of the brain, how it works and how this knowledge can be applied to handling, training, welfare and management. It also includes a useful insight into stereotypical behaviours and an online brain dissection.

This recorded online seminar also covers:-

  • Positive and negative reinforcement equitation training methods

  • How the brain orchestrates learning processes

  • How to assess brain function and learning ability

  • Improving the brain’s ability to learn

  • Motivation, pleasure and dopamine release

  • Habit formation and behaviour

  • Training responses and over training

  • Stereotypical behaviours

  • Blink rate as a marker of stress


Anatomy in Action Video Course

The Anatomy in Action video collection is a comprehensive biomechanics course in horse movement. Evaluating paces from walk to gallop, poles to drop fences and lateral work to specialist moves such as the sliding western halt and capriole.

The course comprises of 28 high-definition, slow-motion videos evaluating and clearly explaining the anatomy and biomechanics of the movements. As well as benefitting from labels, annotations and Gillian’s detailed explanations, there is plenty of opportunity for you to pause, observe and assess the movements for yourself.

This course takes you on a fascinating journey and suggests ways you can apply the information to your own horse. This is such a valuable resource for trainers, coaches, therapists, vets, students, horse enthusiasts and riders from all disciplines.


Live Painted Lecture Demonstration Series

Experience the delights of a classic live painted horse demonstration from the comfort of your own home! Each lecture demonstration builds on the last and is full of tips, techniques and exercises that you can do with your horse from the ground as well as ridden. Examining how anatomy and biomechanics can be a applied to movement, riding, training and management, these lecture demonstrations are a must see for riders, coaches, students, healthcare professionals and indeed, anyone interested in learning more about how horses work!


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