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On-Demand Webinars with Gillian Higgins
Collection: Series 3

  • 40£
Series 3 webinar collection Gillian Higgins Horses Inside Out.jpg
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What's Included?

Enjoy the complete collection of series 3 on-demand webinars for a special price of just £40. 

Comprising of over
9 hours of dynamic video lecture presentations with Gillian Higgins, filmed in spring 2022, this is a comprehensive video collection and learning opportunity.

Certificates of participation included. 

Recognised as CPD for BHS APCs.

Approved CPD training (6 points) with the BHS


This collection includes:-

Muscular Misconceptions
All about the muscles on which we sit

Anatomy of the Head
Related to health, performance, bridle fit and design

The Biomechanics of Bending
Exercises to improve lateral flexion

The Biomechanics of Collection
Exercises to improve engagement


Anytime - Anywhere - As many times as you like!

Once purchased, you can watch these video lectures at anytime and as many times as you like from any device and from the comfort of your own home! Just make sure you are logged in and then come back to this page!

  • 80£
  • 40£
  • 30£
S3 E1 Muscular Misconceptions.jpg

Muscular Misconceptions - all about the muscles on which we sit

Series 3: Episode 1

In this comprehensive webinar we will delve deep into exactly which muscles lie in the area underneath the saddle and girth area. Gillian sorts the facts from the fiction, examines their importance to riding, posture, training, health, comfort and tack fit and dispel some myths about their anatomy and function. Improve sympathetic and intuitive riding and training. Apply aids in tune with the horse’s movement and muscle contraction. Select the most appropriate training exercises for improving horses with muscle atrophy. Improve ability to select and fit appropriate saddles and girths for individual horses.​​

S3 E2 Anatomy of the head recorded webinar Gillian Higgins Horses Inside Out.jpg

Anatomy of the Head - related health performance, bridle fit and design

Series 3: Episode 2


Correct bridle fit is just as important at saddle fit and can have a huge influence on your horse’s comfort and way of going. This webinar boosts your knowledge on this subject by looking in detail at the internal and external structures of the head. To give you a clear understanding of what lies under your horse’s skin and to help you see your horse from a new perspective, Gillian uses her signature paintings on horses, drawings, intricate anatomy models and dissection  photographs and videos to illustrate the points.

S3 E3 biomechanics of bending recorded webinar Gillian Higgins Horses Inside Out.jpg

The Biomechanics of Bending - exercises to improve lateral flexion

Series 3: Episode 3

Gillian takes an in-depth look at the biomechanics of how the horse creates lateral flexion. Once we understand the anatomical normal, is it possible to assess the limitations. Gillian looks at factors which cause a horse to struggle with lateral flexion and bend and how this can affect posture, symmetry, balance, and correct way of going. Ridden and in-hand exercises are demonstrated as well as massage and mobilisation techniques that you can do with your horse to improve and maintain lateral flexion and suppleness within the neck, back, ribcage and tail.

S3 E4 the Biomechanics of Collection and Engagement recorded webinar Gillian Higgins Horse

The Biomechanics of Collection - exercises to improve hind end engagement

Series 3: Episode 3

In this presentation, Gillian focusses on the anatomy and biomechanics of the hindquarters and back that every rider and coach wishing to improve collection needs to understand. We look at the biomechanical connections that explain how moving one part of the horse’s body can affect the rest when it comes to engagement and collection and also consider how and why poor collection can potentially increase the risk of injury. Learn how to assess collection and engagement, consider strength vs weakness and recognise good and poor posture and how to improve it. ​

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