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Equine Anatomy & Biomechanics Books by Gillian Higgins: The Perfect Christmas Gift for Horse Lovers

Updated: Jun 5

Did you know that one of the five rules of selecting the best christmas gift is to give something to read? That's right, and you've come to the right place. Let's take a look at some of the fantastic books. availabe from Horses Inside Out and Gillian Higgins.

"A book is a gift you can open again and again." Garrison Keillor

Horse owners and riders of any level and all disciplines will benefit from having a better knowledge of equine anatomy and biomechanics. Gillian has written a comprehensive collection of books that will set you on a journey of discovery. Find out just how amazing horses really are and why it's so important that we learn all we can about their anatomy and biomechanics for their welfare and performance.

how your horse moves, equestrian book by equine anatomy and biomechanics specialist gillian higgins

The perfect introduction to the world of equine anatomy and biomechanics.

This book will help you understand how the bones and muscles work together to create movement. Also, discover how correct riding and training will bring out the best in your horse by seeing exactly what happens when he moves.

All delivered in an easy to understand way together with practical exercises you can use to reduce the risk of injury and improve your horse's suppleness.

Posture and performance, equestrian book by equine anatomy and biomechanics specialist gillian higgins

To gain an even deeper knowledge about equine anatomy and biomechanics and how it relates to training the horse this is the book to have. 

Discover how to deliver a safe, varied, fun, effective and achievable training programme with the welfare of the horse in mind.

It provides all the ingredients you need to make informed decisions to maximise you and your horse’s potential, as well as gain more enjoyment, satisfaction and improve your skills.

exploring equine anatomy, anatomy colouring book, mindfulness colouring book,, equestrian book by equine anatomy and biomechanics specialist gillian higgins

Exploring Equine Anatomy. - A Mindfulness Colouring Book

The perfect gift for anyone who loves horses.

This colouring book showcases Gillian's love for equine anatomy and drawing. It also cleverly combines the therapeutic benefits of colouring with learning – you’ll study different horses doing a variety of movements.

With beautiful images to colour, inspirational quotes and anatomical terminology of the muscles and skeleton, Exploring Equine Anatomy is a great way to relax and learn at the same time. This colouring book is designed for anyone who loves and appreciates the horse.

Horses really are amazing and the horse’s body is a such a marvellous machine. Horse Anatomy for Performance looks, in detail at how the horse functions and looks at some practicalities of anatomical training. You will learn how each anatomical system has individual tasks to perform but is also interdependent on each other.

horse anatomy for performance, equestrian book by equine anatomy and biomechanics specialist gillian higgins

Each chapter is dedicated to one of the 12 systems of the horse. Using Gillian's anatomical paintings on horses helps you gain a much clearer understanding of how anatomy influences the way you manage, ride, and train your horse.

This book clearly explains the importance, relevance and interaction between each of the anatomical systems, it will really make you look at your horse in a whole new light.

The ultimate resource, a must-have and a beautiful gift to give (and receive).

anatomy in action, horse movement, locomotion, assessment, equestrian book by equine anatomy and biomechanics specialist gillian higgins

This comprehensive course (book and video) covers the biomechanics of the basic gaits of walk, trot, canter and gallop and all the variations within those gaits.

The use of anatomically painted horses and riders wearing a skeleton suit help your understanding and images are used not just from side on but from above, in front and behind to give you a much clearer illustration from all angles of how the horse moves.

It also studies the biomechanical effect of different pole work exercises, lateral work, bending and straightness exercises as well as other gaits, jumping, the effect of going up and down hill, backward and work on an aqua-treadmill.

It includes different types, breeds and discilines of horses from Icelandic to Western horses and dressage warmbloods to racing thoroughbreds.

"A room without books is like a body without a soul." – Cicero

Not found your perfect gift? Don't dispair, Gillian's written a few more books! To see the full collection visit the Horses Inside Out Shop

horse book, colouring book, equestrian book by equine anatomy and biomechanics specialist gillian higgins

Finally, in case you're interested, the other rules of selecting a gift are to buy:

  1. Something they want ( a book by Gillian Higgins)

  2. Something they need (definitely a book by Gillian Higgins)

  3. Something to wear (.......can't help with this one!)

  4. Something they don't know they want ( a book by Gillian Higgins)

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