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Webinar Wednesdays

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

We are excited to announce the launch of our Horses Inside Out ‘Webinar Wednesdays’ in October. The webinars, presented by Gillian, will be relayed via Zoom on the first Wednesday of each month.

gillian higgins horses inside out understanding the horse's back - anatomy, biomechanics, posture, webinar

This webinar, which makes full use of anatomically painted horses and slow motion videos, is packed with information, tips and exercises related to the anatomy, biomechanics, structure and function of the horse’s back.

With good back posture being key to a good performance as well as a happy healthy horse, the content is designed to help the rider, trainer and therapist keep the horse's back healthy, strong and mobile.


gillian higgins horses inside out poles for posture, biomechanics, trot poles, pole configurations

Using slow motion videos of anatomically painted horses, this webinar will focus on the biomechanical advantages of polework exercises. Excellent for maintaining and improving posture and contributing to  a healthy, mobile, fully functioning musculoskeletal system the benefits of polework cannot by overemphasised. 

Gillian will demonstrate a variety of different exercises, pole configurations and explain how pole work can develop balance, flexibility, coordination, lateral flexion, strength and control.


gillian higgins horses inside out Pilates for horses, exercises for horse owners, core stability, suppleness, flexibility, joint mobilisation

In this video based webinar, Gillian will explain how this equine based conditioning system can increase core stability, strength, flexibility, coordination and body awareness.

Building on the principles/theme of posture outlined in the previous webinars and based on the premise that a strong core can support the back and minimise the risk of muscular damage, you will learn how by performing specific exercises correctly, you can help keep the equine athlete, strong supple and injury free.


Now Available as a recorded webinar HERE

gillian higgins horses inside out understanding muscles and fascia,  webinar with Gillian Higgins

This is a concept with which we can readily identify. When our muscles are stiff, overworked or sore, we know we cannot perform at our best. It is the same for the horse. This webinar will delve further into how understanding more about your horses’ muscle chains, and the continuous web of fascia that surrounds them, can enhance his comfort, wellbeing and performance. The webinar will include suggestions for groundwork and ridden exercises for avoiding and dealing with problems.

gillian higgins horses inside out understanding your horse's neck

The horse’s neck is a long lever which connects the head to the rest of the body. The structures within are vital to life and movement. With the oesophagus and windpipe leading to the lungs and stomach respectively, the spinal cord, which originates in the brain being housed within the cervical vertebrae and the main bulk of the neck being filled with muscles, fascia and ligaments, the neck has an enormous anatomical and biomechanical influence on ‘How the Horse Moves’. This webinar will focus on how positioning of the head and neck influences back position, outline, movement, performance, comfort and welfare. It will also explain how the horse uses his head and neck for balance and for providing a fifth leg!


Now available as a recorded webinar HERE

gillian higgins horses inside out assessing your horse's posture

Sustaining good posture is vital for our health and musculoskeletal comfort. It ensures bones, muscles, ligaments and even our internal organs are correctly aligned. It reduces stress and allows us to move with optimum comfort, flexibility and efficiency. It is exactly the same for the horse but, the horse has the additional burden of carrying a rider and holding his body in a position determined by that rider. Good posture reduces muscle fatigue, allows the horse to perform at his best for longer periods with minimal exhaustion. It minimises the risk of muscular problems, back pain and injury and it enables the horse to carry the rider more easily. This webinar will look at how we, as horse owners, riders, coaches and therapists can determine what is good or bad posture and how through good management practices, in hand exercises and correct riding, we can improve his comfort, longevity and all aspects of his wellbeing.


Now available as a recorded webinar HERE

gillian higgins horses inside out  canter, skeletal maturity, anatomy, exercises for young horses

Skeletal Maturity has always been one of our most popular topics. Understanding this aspect of anatomy has a very important bearing on how and at what age do we start our horses. For how long do we ride them at first? How much weight can they carry? At what age do the growth plates fuse? Does the skeleton mature at the same rate across all breeds and types? Do we consider skeletal maturity when we ‘start’ our horses for their good or to fulfil our aspirations as riders, owners, therapists? When can the skeletons of event horses take the strain of landing from a high drop fence? At what age is a dressage horse mature enough to carry his weight as he ‘sits’ behind? The answers to these and numerous more questions are many and varied and can spark lively debate. Join us to take part. In this webinar we will be looking at the facts that surround skeletal maturity and consider how we as riders, owners, coaches, trainers and therapists, can prepare our youngsters for the best possible start to their career. We will look at groundwork exercises and ways to prepare their musculoskeletal system for action; how to develop strength, how to set him on the road to a life with good posture and how to minimise the risk of injury as he matures. Although the exercises demonstrated in this webinar are essentially for young horses, they are also useful for horses returning to work following injury. We look forward to seeing you.

gillian higgins horses inside outpolework, gymnastic jumping, anatomy, biomechanics

In response to popular demand and following the popularity of our ‘Poles for Posture’ webinar, we are delighted to have put together this sequel. (View the recording of Poles for Posture in our Academy. Building on principles demonstrated in November, Gillian will show you a wide variety of new, different, innovative and diverse exercises to use with your horse. Whether you are interested in dressage, eventing, pleasure riding or jumping, both you and your horse will the benefit from the biomechanical advantages of pole work and gymnastic jumping. As well as developing skill and accuracy, providing interest, ‘joie de vivre’ and contributing to a healthy, strong and mobile musculoskeletal system, the exercises demonstrated can make an invaluable contribution to rhythm, suppleness, contact, impulsion, straightness and collection. They can also contribute to balance, expression, cadence and the ability of the horse to engage his hindquarters, improve hoof eye co-ordination and adjust stride length. With all these advantages we envisage this will be a very popular webinar.


Webinars cost £10 each.

Savings if you buy a complete series

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