Understanding and Assessing Posture


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Lecture Description

This recorded webinar looks at how we, as horse owners, riders, coaches and therapists can determine what is good or bad posture and how through good management practices, in hand exercises and correct riding, we can improve our horses musculoskeletal comfort, longevity, flexibility and efficiency. 
Explaining how good posture minimises the risk of muscular problems, back pain, muscle fatigue  and injury it also looks at how the horse can  carry the rider more easily.


With a downloadable structured programme and posture assessment sheet included you will be able to track assess and record your horse’s postural progress.


This webinar video lecture was recorded on the 7th April 2021.

Lecture Structure

This online lecture is divided into 4 main sections:-

An Introduction to Posture
A System for Assessing Posture:

  1. Hindlimb Position

  2. Spinal Muscle Chains

  3. Thorax Position

  4. Head and Neck Position


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