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Updating your Skills - Why CPD is so important

If you work in the equine world, you’ll know how rapidly things can change – thanks to new research, products and techniques the way horses are trained, treated and kept is constantly evolving. This is why it’s important to keep abreast of these techniques and skills by pursuing Continuing Professional Development (CPD) – for many professions it’s necessary to complete CPD on an annual basis.

Continuing Professional Development describes the learning activities professionals engage in to develop and enhance their abilities and it’s something you’ll need to do throughout your professional career.

Rather than thinking of your CPD as a necessary evil – consider it an investment you make in yourself, a way of furthering your own career development, and a resource that keeps your skills and knowledge current. It’s also a great way to strengthen your existing skills – learn new ones, improve your credibility within your profession and boost your confidence.

Here at Horses Inside Out we pride ourselves in offering a selection of CPD courses and seminars – both online and in person. These course are led by Gillian and other leading equine professionals who are at the cutting edge of training, therapy, scientific and technological innovation. This means we can provide the high-quality courses that are both educational and fun.

“I follow an active pathway of personal learning by attending, courses, conferences and mixing with other high profile equine contemporaries,” explains Gillian.
“This allows me to continue with my own personal development as well as putting on courses to help others in the equine world.”

For many of us who work in the equestrian industry, as therapists, coaches, saddle fitters and other professions it can mean you spend a lot of time working alone. Attending CPD courses isn’t just a way to keep your skills up to date, it’s also a fantastic way to re-energise yourself, spark new ideas for future development, and forge new friendships with others.

If you would like to find out more about the range of courses we have on offer for 2023, please take a look at our What's On page

"For those of you that have not had the opportunity to learn from Gillian either online or in person, when you do you will soon see that her enthusiasm for her subject is infectious, her knowledge and experience so vast, and her generosity in sharing this is incredible.

"I have attended a number of CPD courses now with various training providers, but I really believe Gillian has a unique recipe. She has the ability to help you visualise what is right under your hands using her painted horses, dissection footage and incredible collection of bones and models of horse anatomy." Jessica Limpkin, Equine Massage Practitioner

For the practical courses held at Horses Inside Out HQ, places are limited. We like to keep groups small to maximise your learning and enjoyment. All of the courses allow for plenty of one to one time with Gillian and lots of practical experience too. As well as an opportunity to boost your skills, our courses are fun and interactive - and the perfect place to make new friends.

If you can't make it to one of our face to face courses - don't worry there's still plenty on offer. We run regular webinars and a number of seminars throughout the year. All of these come with a certificate of participation and CPD. There's always the option to join in with the Q&A sessions and polls meaning there is interaction.

On demand video courses and seminars:

Live in person CPD Courses and online seminars

Here's a list of CPD courses for equestrian professionals coming up in 2023:


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