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Update on Publications

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

During the lockdown, we have certainly not been idle!  As well as several popular blogs and short informative videos on our website...

gillian higgins horses inside out cover photograph book pelvis, sacroiliac, iliopsoas, pelvic dysfunction, injury, rehabilitation, hip, iliopsoas, anatomy, biomechanics

...We have published our first multimedia book, which contains comprehensive video lectures.

gillian higgins horses inside out cover photograph book Exploring equine anatomy, mindfulness colouring book,

and more recently a mindfulness colouring book:


gillian higgins horses inside out book Anatomy in Action, horse biomechanics, skeleton, raised canter poles, equine locomotion, study of gaits

This is our most exciting and adventurous project yet. It is a stunning book and a detailed online biomechanics course in horse movement.The book includes fold out pages of still photographs of horses performing 28 different movements for you to study and there are 28 videos of the same movements with voice overs by Gillian describing the biomechanics.

The book is of interest to coaches, therapists, vets, competitors, students, riders and anyone interested in the anatomy and biomechanics of movement.

You will be able to buy the book, the video movement course or both. Pre-Order Now!



gillian higgins horses inside out book illustrated head anatomy for bridle fit and design, facial muscle, nerves, blood vessels, bones, joints, TMJ

This is the second in our multimedia book series and a sequel to the sacroiliac book. It will be available before Christmas. Look out for it on social media. We will also be sending you a personal email when the time comes.

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