Equine Sculpture and Anatomy Workshops

with Judy Boyt and Gillian Higgins

25th, 26th and 27th May 2021

Wavendon Grange, Lawn Lane, Old Dalby

Leicestershire, LE14 3LW

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Understanding anatomy

is key to improving accuracy and capturing, energy, movement, life and personality within a realistic sculpture.

Gillian Higgins of Horses Inside Out and renowned sculptor Judy Boyt have joined forces to offer a unique anatomy and sculpture workshop at Wavendon Grange in Leicestershire.

In these courses, Gillian will share her knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics and Judy, with her artistic talent, experience and eye for detail, will help you create an anatomically correct sculpture.

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About the

During the courses, you will have the opportunity to:-

Study a range of anatomical models and specimens,

Feel the anatomical structures on live horses,

Observe how horses move both in real life and in slow motion video,

Acquire techniques and tips for developing your observational, sculpture and drawing skills.

Who are the
workshops for?

These workshops are of

interest to aspiring and professional sculptors wishing to improve their knowledge and techniques as well as those just wanting to ‘have a go'!


At the end of the 3-Day
workshop you will have produced a full horse sculpture.

Day 1

Conformation and Form

The Back and Body in Motion

During this day we will guide you through the process step by step from live horse measurements, building your armature to the conformation and proportion details that make the sculpture accurate.
You will gain a more accurate understanding of the horses anatomy relevant to sculpture.
At the end of this workshop, you will have sculpted the essence of one complete horse in a position or motion of your choice.
horse skeleton conformation and form, the back and body in motion horse, equine sculpture, artist
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Day 2

Focussing on The Limbs

By the end of this workshop you will have sculpted 3-4 limbs in different moments of the stride cycle.
The carpus of the horse (equivalent to the human wrist but often referred to as the knee) and the stifle joint, equivalent of the human knee are parts of the horse with which, due to their anatomical complexity, sculptors often struggle.
During this course you have the opportunity to feel anatomical structures on a live horse, take measurements and observe the changes within the limbs during motion.

Day 3

Focussing on The Fine Details The Head and Neck

Focusing on the head and neck in detail will give you an opportunity to learn more about shape and how to use tools and materials to greater effect.
We will study how the horse uses his head and neck in relation to the body in motion or standing. By the end of this workshop, you will have sculpted 2 or 3 head and necks in different poses.
The focus will be on the structure and construction of the skull, ears, eyes, lips and noses, bringing together the methods and techniques taught on the other courses as well as introducing more information and more techniques.
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Workshop Leaders

Gillian Higgins anatomical artist anatomical sculpture


Gillian’s work is characterised by her signature paintings of anatomical systems on live horses.

She has also painted a number of large models for organisation and charities as well as producing quirky anatomical drawings and prints.


As well as running courses for sculptors with Judy, the partnership are producing anatomical models for teaching and as pieces of art in their own right. 

judy boyt equine sculptor, horse world leader, artist



Judy has won many awards for her work including; The Royal British Sculptors Medal for the Sculpture of Outstanding Merit awarded for her equestrian bronze 'Rebellion' commissioned by Standard Life and The Society of Equestrian Artists Sculpture Award.

Her most famous pieces include; “Rebellion” in Trafalgar Square and the Mitsubishi Badminton Horse Trials Trophy,

Workshop Details

This course will be run outside in accordance to government guidelines current at the time of the course.
Practical arrangements will be confirmed 7 days before the course.

The course will be limited to 6 participants but may rise to 10, covid guidelines permitting.

What's Included

•  Each participant will be allocated one chair and one table (sanitised) for their exclusive use during the day

•  9am registration for a 9.30 start

•  Light refreshments throughout the day

•  Lunch (arrangements to be confirmed)

•  Theory sessions including slow-motion videos of

    painted horses in a relaxed comfortable setting

•  A mix of theory, demonstration and practical


•  The opportunity to get hands-on with horses and    

    guided palpation of their anatomy

•  Demonstrations and one to one mentoring during

    the practical sessions

•  All the basic sculpting materials you will need on

   the course and a range of modelling tools

•  Access to a range of anatomical models, charts          and skeletons.

•  5pm Close

Please Bring

Mas and/or face shield


Pencils and drawing pads/paper

Suitable clothing and footwear for working outside with horses.

We supply a limited range of modelling material but if you prefer, please bring your own. 

Please bring your own stand if you have one (we do have a limited number available)


Extra art materials and Horses Inside Out books, can be bought from Judy and Gillian.

Workshop Prices



Conformation & Form
the back and body in motion

Focussing on The Limbs

Focussing on the Fine Detail
The Head and Neck





All 3 for £610

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