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Skeleton Word Art

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Meet Black. Sculpted by Judy Boyt and designed and painted for World Horse Welfare’s Horse Trail, he is one of 40 identical horses who will be decorated by a variety of artists and be on display at the charity’s four Rescue and Rehoming centres as well as a number of locations including the Royal Windsor Horse Show 8th-12th May.

I was challenged to base my painting design on a real horse called Black who belongs to an indigenous family in Costa Rica. As well as being used for transport, Black is used to teach horse welfare and the importance of a well-kept horse in relation to future productivity to both school children and adults in the community.

In line with the aims of Horses Inside Out my design is all about Education. It uses word art, with one side being painted with the ordinary names of the bones and the other with the Latin names – all in the shape of the bones themselves.

A delighted Ellie Cocks World Horse Welfare said, ‘Wow, thank you so much, Black looks incredible. I can’t wait to see her on the trail and see all the public reading and teaching each other the parts of the horse - I know I will love to try to remember the names again!’

It has been a real pleasure and privilege to be involved in this project so if you do go to Windsor, look out for him!

If you like this painted horse and would like to have a skeleton word art print to put up on your wall look at the prints in our shop! For every print sold before the end of June we will donate £5 to World Horse Welfare.

The beginning:

Pictures of the finished article:

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