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My July Blog

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

With our usual courses and events cancelled, being unable to travel and being at home more

I have certainly been putting my time to good use! I am thoroughly enjoying spending time with my beautiful horses, planning online lectures for the future and writing books! I thought it was high time I shared the progress of them with you.

Gillian Higgins, anatomist, BHS senior coach, horse trainer, dressage, eventing, showjumping, rider, horse, Arty

gillian higgins horses inside out book equine sacroiliac joint, sacroiliac ligaments, horse pelvis, iliopsoas muscle group, psoas major, psoas minor, iliacus muscle

In June I was pleased to publish my first multimedia book and associated video lectures on the pelvic region:

The videos include:

Video 1: The Sacroiliac Ligaments

Illustrated using an anatomically accurate models of the sacroiliac ligaments, this short video focus on the anatomy, attachment points and function of the ligaments.

Video 2: The Iliopsoas Muscle Group

Illustrated using another anatomically accurate model, this short video gives an overview of the actions, origins, insertions of the iliopsoas muscles.

Video 3: Location and Biomechanics

This 30 minute practical lecture focuses on applied anatomy, location, palpation and the contribution of these structures to movement and biomechanics,

Video 4: Dysfunction, Assessment and Strengthening Exercises

This 40 minute practical lecture looks at the causes and symptoms of dysfunction and injury, postural assessment and exercises for strengthening and rehabilitation.

Find out more about it HERE

Exploring Equine Anatomy

A Mindfulness Colouring Book

Next came the Equine Anatomy Colouring book which looks as if it will be equalling Pilates for Horses in popularity!

gillian higgins horses inside out horse mindfulness colouring book, exploring equine anatomy, muscles, skeleton, bones, tendons, ligaments, adult colouring coloring book

Over the last few years, on many winter evenings, you could find me curled up on the sofa drawing anatomical pictures of horses. I have finally put them together in this mindfulness colouring book which will be launched on 30th July. I am excited to announce it is now available to pre-order!

Completely different from my other books this book will sooth the mind, nourish the soul and feed the intellect.

With 3 colour plates, 30 black and white pictures beautiful images to colour, inspirational quotes and the anatomical terminology of the muscles and skeleton included, this gives the perfect opportunity to learn as you colour.

I hope you get to enjoy many happy with this book, just as I did when creating it.

New Books Coming Soon!

Anatomy in Action

(This is the big one!!)

gillian higgins horses inside out anatomy in action, equine biomechanics horse movement, horse gaits, locomotion, canter, raised canter poles, bounce

Over the last 3 or 4 years Horses Inside Out has been busy working on this exciting project. You may remember my photo diary blog on our progress published last year? Well, we are getting closer! We now have the photo sequences for the book, have been busy writing and recording voiceovers and, with the help of Matthew Roberts Photography putting together the 28 accompanying videos.

This multimedia book will be published later this year.

Illustrated Head Anatomy

gillian higgins horses inside out horse head anatomy, equine cranium, skull, facial muscles, TMJ temporomandibular joint, hyoid apparatus, horse head anatomy illustrated, Gillian Higgins

A sequel to the sacroiliac ligaments and following the construction of the anatomical head model (which we named Poseidon!) we are now close to completing this multimedia book. It features 3 video lectures describing the anatomical structures of the head. This multimedia book is of particular interest trainers, riders, therapists and anyone interested in bridle fit and design.

The book and videos focus on:-

  • The superficial structures of the head,

  • The temporomandibular joint (TMJ)

  • The hyoid apparatus and associated structures and

  • The facial nerves

This multimedia book will be published later this year.

Online Lectures

My next project is to record a series of online lectures. The videos will be showing a combination of live horses, both painted and unpainted, slow-motion footage of horses demonstrating a variety of movements. They will also include dissection specimens and accurate anatomical models to let you see what is really happening under the skin.

If you are interested watching these you will need to BECOME A MEMBER OF OUR WEBSITE

Horses Inside Out Courses in 2021

gillian higgins horses inside out thumbs up classroom , skeleton, teaching, equine anatomy and biomechanics

We plan (covid permitting) to restart our courses in 2021 although the jury is still out for the conference!

Last year we updated the Horses Inside Out teaching barn at Wavendon Grange. This will come into it's own for filming purposes this year before being used for courses once again next year.

So for all of you keen for more online content watch this space...

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Love all your work. Wish I had time to either sit and watch it all or read it all. So glad you are doing this. thanks.

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