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Horses in Action - A Picture Diary

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

This summer has been characterised by photoshoots to update and add material for our courses and to obtain footage for my next books. Hopefully these will be published in 2020 but publication always takes much longer than anticipated! NB THIS IS NOW PUBLISHED!! See Anatomy in Action

Photographing the horse in action, especially in slow motion provides us with a valuable resource for observation, discussion and to better understand how the horse moves.

Indeed my next book will be an observational photographic study (including high definition slow motion video) of different movements and exercises performed loose, in hand and ridden by a diverse range of horses.

Here we are focussing on straightness and lateral work. Pictures from our 'infront - behind' photoshoot with Fiona Davidson from Fiona Davidson Eventing :-

A fun fascinating day filming piaffe, pesade, capriole and spanish walk. Pictures from our Photoshoot with Ben Atkinson of Atkinson Action Horses :-

We spent a day filming dressage movements including transitions, collected to extended paces and flying changes with Emma Woolley from WCS Dressage :-

Here we are capturing sliding halts, lope and jog with Western European Champion David Deptford from Sovereign Quarter Horses :-

A fabulous day filming pole work, jumping and gallop with Boogie Machin from Machin Event Yard :-

This work has so much time and patience not only from the wonderful horses involved but also all the volunteers and particularly the photograph Matthew Roberts. So thank you everyone.

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