Wavendon Grange

Wavendon Grange, Old Dalby, Leicestershire is set in the quiet and relaxing countryside on the edge of the Vale of Belvoir. With a welcoming, quiet, relaxing, inspiring and comfortable environment in which  horses, riders, equestrian professionals or amateurs can to learn, improve and thrive. We use this venue for some of our smaller courses and practical workshops.  

Services offered at Wavendon Grange

Private Coaching and
Training from the Anatomical Perspective

As BHS senior coach, anatomist and  therapist, I offer ridden or in hand individual sessions to enable you to get the best for yourself and your horse.  Teaching a horse to work correctly is vital to keep him in peak physical condition. I offer an alternative approach to training to enhance correct way of going, core stability, proprioception, suppleness and  posture. 

I am available for either individual or group lessons.

Gillian HIggins, skeleton horse and rider, anatomy and biomechanics
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Musculoskeletal Assessments, Equine Therapy and Rehabilitation


Bring your horse for a private consultation. Following a detailed examination of your horse including seeing him lunged and ridden, I select the correct techniques to give him the best possible chance of attaining and maintaining optimum posture and physical condition. I will demonstrate a range of techniques and exercises to help you target the needs of your horse.

Courses tailored to your personal and professional needs


We offer bespoke courses for individuals and small groups at Wavendon Grange in aspects of equine anatomy, biomechanics or therapy tailored to your interests. 

Courses in Anatomy for sculptors and artists at Horses Inside Out, Wavendon Grange