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Presentation Stands - 2020 Conference - Part 13

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Hello and welcome back to my blog on the Horses Inside Out conference 2020 - Anatomy In Action.

Today I wanted to share with you a little bit about the presentation stands that were available to browse at the conference.

It’s tempting to write a piece on each of the stands, but that would make this blog run into many more parts, so I thought I would instead let you know who was exhibiting and their details so if you want to find out more about them you can do your own research.

horses inside out conference

When arriving on the first morning of the conference, and after receiving your conference pack, there was an opportunity to help yourself to a beverage and a snack and browse the presentation stands.

The stands were in the main hall and there were lots of chances during the weekend in between speakers to chat with people on the presentation stands should you wish as well as browse their stands, see their products and many also had giveaways and competitions to enter :)

The stands included:

The Equine Touch is a gentle yet powerful Equine Bodywork system which is a holistic soft tissue address over connective tissue using a very specific move. Practitioners are based all over the UK and instructors hold training courses for horse owners as well as those wishing to undertake the LANTRA approved practitioner course.

gillian higgins horses inside out conference the equine touch

Hallmarq Veterinary Imaging is a global leader in innovative diagnostic imaging, providing safe, accurate and affordable solutions for veterinarians worldwide. With a passion for animal health, they have partners with customers since 2000 to image over 100,000 animals in 24 countries, increasing access to MRI for small animal and equine practices

gillian higgins horses inside out conference 2020 stand hallmarq

INDIBA is the market leader in radiofrequency devices worldwide, having accumulated over 35 years of research and experience in this technology.

Treatment with INDIBA’s 448kHz frequency is effective, comfortable and safe. It is used in rehabilitaion, recovery, performance, pain management, injury prevention and well being.

gillian higgins horses inside out conference 2020 indiba

Intelligent worming supports owners and yard managers who understand that worming is constantly changing and wish to provide their equines with individual, tailored programmes and proactive, knowledge based support. Intelligent worming is part of EPL Animal Care, dedicated to improving parasite control services through Wormers Direct and ScientifEQ laboratory.

The Institute of Registered Veterinary and Animal Physiotherapists aims to promote the development of effective and safe practice in all aspects of animal therapy and healthcare, linking underpinning scientific knowledge to current clinical practice and support the professional development and mentorship of members working in this sector.

Neue is the world leader in the technology of horse bits, providing high performance, superior comfort bits. With a wealth of in-house expertise including neuroscientists, physicists, engineers and riders, Neue Schule is able to conduct extensive research into the forces and pressure points at play under rein contact. With LANTRA certified Neue Schule qualified fitters, our own academy courses and our new High-Tec equine platform Innov8 Riding, Neue Schule is able to bring technology to the rider in an easy and affordable way.

gillian higgins horses inside out conference 2020 Neue schule nsbits

Pegasus Therapy Lasers by Litecure LLC is a leading medical device company offering a range of class 1 V therapy lasers to accelerate healing, reduce pain and inflammation and maintain the equine athlete in peak performance.

gillian higgins horses inside out conference 2020 pegasus equine therapy
pegasus equine therapy

Applied Equine Podiatry is a study of the equine foot with philosophies and principles to guide the development of it’s theories, model and practice; all of which are applicable to domestic performance equines.

gillian higgins horses inside out applied equine podiatry siobhan dillon

Protexin Equine Premium is dedicated to producing innovative, research based products of the highest quality, providing a complete range of gut health and joint products for the equestrian market. Leading products in the range include Gut Balancer, Acid Ease and Quick Fix.

gillian higgins horses inside out conference 2020 protexin equine

The Society of Master Saddlers is a professional body promoting the welfare of the horse and safety of the rider in relation to saddlery and saddle fitting. It represents all aspects of the saddlery trade, overseeing and developing saddlery and saddle fitting qualifications, maintaining the high standards expected of society members.

Solution Saddles - developed in a quest to design the perfect saddle to improve equine welfare and performance. The advanced SMART saddle design flexes with the movement of the horse’s back to allow unrestricted lift, bend, stretch and flex through their body and across their backs during exercise, encouraging full freedom of movement and healthy back muscle development.

WOW Saddles - the ultimate ergonomically designed performance saddle. Designed using pressure testing, the ‘Lateral Flexion’ carbon tree is proven to give maximum shoulder freedom, expression and lightness. Interchangeable panels and headplates ensure comfort and engagement of the horse whilst rotating flap positions ensure correct rider body/leg alignment.

gillian higgins horses inside out conference 2020 wow saddles

Last but by certainly no means least, there was of course also the opportunity to chat to the Horses Inside Out Team and to purchase Gillian’s books, DVD’s, art and models. As well as find out more about the courses and demonstrations that Horses Inside Out run.

gillian higgins horses inside out conference 2020 horses inside out anatomical artworks

Gillian launched a new interactive book at the conference (which I just had to purchase of course).

This is a book with accompanying online videos all about the Sacroiliac Ligaments and the Iliospoas Muscle Group.

In Gillian’s creative and intuitive style she has created models of the horse’s pelvis bones and the ligaments and muscles supporting them and captured them from all angles and labelled them which has created this fantastic ‘3D’ learning tool.

Also excitingly, this model was available to view at the conference in the Anatomy Exhibition (see my previous blog)

  horses inside out anatomy gillian higgins conference 2020

I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog.

The next one will be the penultimate blog in this series, where I would like to share with you the Scientific Poster Presentation Area which was available to browse at the conference.

Thank you once again to Horses Inside Out for allowing me access to their professional images.

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