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Hello and welcome to the final part of this 15 part blog series on the Horses Inside Out Conference 2020 - Anatomy In Action.

I will be sad to finish this series of blogs as I have thoroughly enjoyed re-living the conference weekend, delving back into my notes and re-discovering some of what we learned that weekend.

There is so much information to absorb over the 2 days that it’s impossible to retain all the information.

Overall I thought the weekend was so well run, the venue was fab, hospitality was amazing and all of the speakers were great, definitely no ‘fillers’.

Gilllian with some of the speakers at this year’s conference.

Mark Johnson, Richard Hepburn, Vibeke Velbrond, Celeste Wilkins, Sue Dyson

What was also great was I actually attended the weekend alone, but I felt so welcome by the Horses Inside Out team and also by other delegates and was able to chat to people over the weekend and share ideas. It was great to be spending the weekend around like minded people also wanting to learn.

That’s me listening intently!

There was a real mixture of delegates too, different types of therapists, like me, people working in various areas of the equine industry, as well as horse owners that are not in an equine world professionally but just want to understand more about their horses.

The main presentation room

I would thoroughly recommend to anyone wanting to learn more about the most up to date research in the equine industry to make the Horses Inside Out Annual Conference a must in their calendar.

Thank you once again to Horses Inside Out for allowing me to access their professional images.

The Horses Inside Out Team

Hopefully see you all at the 2021 conference, which has been named ‘Growth and Development’

I am especially excited in this as I have recently purchased a young horse so the timing couldn’t be better.

Thank you for reading

Best Wishes,

Jess | Jessica Limpkin Equine Massage Therapy

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