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Christmas Gift Guide

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

At Horses Inside Out, we are frequently asked which book is best for whom! With Christmas just around the corner and having been asked to produce a guide for the British Horse Society's book week, we thought we would share this guide with you. In it, we have included a summary of each book and what it covers.

gillian higgins horses inside out Book, horse biomechanics, anatomy, back, muscles, myofascial, horse riding, training, performance, mindfulness colouring, training, how your horse moves, reduce the risk of injury, pilates for horses,

This is the video we created for the BHS. It explains my journey as an author and gives a good description of each book.

To date I have written 9 books and there are more in the pipeline --

gillian higgins horses inside out How your horse moves, visual guide to improving performance, horse anatomy, movement, biomechanics, training, reducing the risk of injury

How Your Horse Moves was my very first book. I was invited to write it by the publishers David and Charles. This is the perfect introduction to the Horses Inside Out collection.

It is of particular interest to students and riders working towards their stage 1-3 exams as well as those just wishing to learn more about their horse.

As with all my books they are packed full of unique photographs and illustrations.

gillian higgins horses inside out Horse Anatomy for Performance, The integumentary, skeletal , muscular,  digestive, cardiovascular, respiratory, nervous, lymphatic, reproductive, endocrine, urinary systems and connective tissues, tendons, ligaments, fascia. A practical guide to training, riding and horse care

Horse Anatomy for Performance is invaluable for riders, grooms, students, therapists starting out on their career and anyone following the BHS stable managers pathway.

This book looks at all eleven anatomical systems of the horse; with a chapter for each it investigates the question: How can knowing more about the anatomical systems of the horse help me to improve how I ride, train and look after horses.

gillian higgins horses inside outPilates for horses, in-hand exercises, core stability, flexibility, suppleness, back health,

Pilates for Horses looks at in hand and in-stable exercises to help improve your horse’s posture, core stability, flexibility, back health and so much more. This is a very popular book.

The book can also be accompanied by the Pilates for Horses online video which can be found in the Academy.

gillian higgins horses inside out Horse and rider posture and performance, principles of training horses from the anatomical perspective

Posture for Performance is a must read for riders and coaches working towards their BHS level 4 and 5 as well as those keen to learn more about their horse from the anatomical perspective. This book looks at the biomechanical impacts of riding and training as well as explaining the biomechanical benefits of ridden exercises.

gillian higgins horses inside out Anatomy poster book, musculoskeletal system, bones, muscles, superficial, deep,  ligaments, internal organs, visceral, respiratory, circulatory, cardiovascular, arteries, veins, lymphatic, reproductive, horse in foal, pregnancy

The Anatomical Poster Books are perfect for students wishing to familiarise themselves with the location and names of the anatomical structures of the horse.

gillian higgins horses inside out Horse, sacroiliac joints, ligaments, iliopsoas muscles, pelvic region, pelvic dysfunction, rehabilitation, injury femur, hip, lumbar vertebrae, ileum, pelvis, pelvic

Making good use of my time whilst unable to travel during the Coronovirus restrictions in 2020, I had more time to write and produce videos. The Sacroiliac Ligaments and the iliopsoas Muscle Group was my first multimedia publication - As well as covering the anatomy and biomechanics of the pelvic and sacroiliac area the video lectures also cover injury, rehabilitation and exercises to strengthen the area.

gillian higgins horses inside out Exploring Equine Anatomy, Mindfulness Colouring book,

During lockdown in the summer of 2020 we published Exploring Equine Anatomy, a mindfulness colouring book which combines learning with relaxation. This has turned out to be a really good equine antidote to stress and helpful for learning or revising the locations of the anatomical structures. This book is really popular all over the world.

 Anatomy in Action, Horse movement and biomechanics, book and video gillian higgins horses inside out

Anatomy in Action is the most comprehensive Horses Inside Out publication to date. Completed in the autumn of 2020 it is a stunning multimedia photographic and video catalogue of horse movement. You can buy the book, the biomechanics movement course or both. Illustrating the versatility, elegance, strength, beauty, and athletic prowess of the horse in motion, this is a resource to savour, scrutinise, analyse, interpret and relish for years to come.

Do take a look on my website for more details.

gillian higgins horses inside outHorses Inside Out Academy, online videos, learning hub, biomechanics, anatomy

Earlier this year, I launched the Horses Inside Out academy. -- It’s free to join. Once you have signed up you have access to lots of free videos. The academy also gives you easy access to the online videos and webinars. It’s well worth a look.

I do hope my books provide enjoyment, Knowledge, inspiration and value to everyone involved with horses.

Happy Reading!

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