An Update on Pumpernickel

Updated: Jan 31

Last summer we adopted Pumpernickel from the Blue Cross. This is an update on how he's getting on!

bluecross adopted pony joins the Horses Inside Out team, training a young horse in hand

Pumpernickel is a very friendly, busy and interested character. If anything is happening he likes to get involved and come over to see what is going on!

horse and pony care, management, field maintenance

Pumpernickel's main job is to be a companion pony for Freddie Fox with whom he has become firm friends.

We are keen that he does not put on too much weight especially before the spring grass properly comes through. So, to restrict his grazing, he spends some time each day in the sand turn out area . Now that we are enjoying lovely weather again we have increased his lungeing, long reining and in pole work. He is a keen and fast learner! The aim of his training sessions have been to slow him down and use exercises to improve his body awareness and proprioception, to improve his core strength and stability, maintain his good posture and increase his flexibility.

Here is a lovely slow motion video of him performing trot poles:

On a daily basis we perform Pilates exercises with him. We have a mini routine of exercises that we do with him on the way to the field. (He spends some of the day in a different turn out area). Here is a video of us demonstrating this routine.

pony scratching, rolling

Pumpernickel loves a good scratch and roll. We keep him clipped out to help keep his skin healthy and free from spots and feather mites.

As he is such a food orientated pony it is good that he also loved to be scratched and we use this a lot in his training as a reward.

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