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12 Days of Christmas - Day 7: How your Horse Moves

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Where it all began - How your Horse Moves was the first of Gillian’s books to be published, but it's still a firm favourite and will make a great gift for anyone who rides or works with horses.

Whether you’re new to the world of equine anatomy or have some knowledge, this book is a must have. It takes a fresh look at equine anatomy and biomechanics and is a comprehensive guide to how horses move, presented from the inside out, which makes it much more fun to learn about.

Did you know?

The main driving force of the horse is provided by the muscles of the hindquarters and upper hind limb. Whereas the hindlegs are the powerhouse of your horse, his forelimbs provide support, bearing 60% of the horse’s weight. They also aid balance and steering.

Propulsion - The moment in the stride from mid-stance to where the tip of the hoof digs into the surface to propel the horse forward

Protraction - Where the limb moves forwards in relation to the body - it begins at breakover and ends just before impact.

Retraction - Where the limb moves backwards in relation to the body - it begins just before the hoof touches the ground at impact and ends at breakover.

How your Horse Moves is beautifully presented and written in an easy to understand language. It will help you gain a valuable insight into how your horse works whether you’re a rider, coach, student or lecturer.

gillian higgins horses inside out cover photograph book how horse moves

With a greater understanding of how your horse moves you’ll discover how correct riding and training will bring the best out in your horse. Also, learn how to increase his fitness, strength and balance.

Gillian shares with you practical exercises and stretches that will improve suppleness, build a bond with your horse and also lower the risk of injury.

To make your gift even better why not add the video Movement from the Anatomical Perspective to take your learning one step further. Watch anatomical paintings on live horses and slow-motion photography to increase your understanding of the skeletal and muscular systems in motion.

This is a fascinating video that brings the topic of horse movement to life and is highly recommended.

It's available as an online video lecture:

Or as a DVD:

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