Movement from the Anatomical Perspective



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Running Time: 1 hour, 9 mins

Lecture Description

This is the online video version of the original DVD: Movement from the Anatomical Perspective.
Using many anatomical paintings on live dressage, jumping, western and stunt horses, together with effective use of slow motion photography, it cleverly shows the skeletal and muscular systems in motion.

Combining her talent for art with a passion for anatomy Gillian shares a clear understanding of biomechanics which has a very positive impact on successful training.
With the welfare and comfort of the horse in mind and suitable for all riders, trainers, therapists, students and indeed anyone thirsty for knowledge, this is a must watch online video!!

Lecture Structure

1. The Skeleton

  • The Spine

  • Posture

  • The Neck and Back Ligaments

  • The Hindlimb

  • The Forelimb

2. Muscles

  • Superficial Muscles

  • The Deep Muscles

  • Spinal Muscle Chains

  • Types of Muscle Contraction

  • Forelimb Muscle Chains

3. Movement

  • Propulsion

  • Engagement

  • Forelimb Movement

  • Head and Neck Movement

  • Bending

  • Jumping

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