Applied Biomechanics, Posture and Training

A Two-Day Course for Coaches, Riders & Professionals

Wednesday 25th and Thursday 26th May 2022
Wavendon Grange, Old Dalby, Leicestershire, LE14 3LW

The key to effective and sympathetic training requires a thorough understanding of anatomy, biomechanics and posture. With a greater knowledge of biomechanics and posture it will further enhance your understanding of training and riding – taking your skills to a whole new level.


In this course we will look in detail at:

  • Joint range of movement

  • Postural problems and how to avoid them

  • How to assess the gaits and spot irregularities

  • Myofascial connections related to training and posture

  • Skeletal maturity and appropriate exercises for young horses

  • Assessing dynamic posture and asymmetry

  • Ridden exercises to improve performance


Using slow-motion video of painted horses, you will see exactly what’s happening under the skin. This will help your understanding of this complex subject.


The course also looks at practical aspects of applied biomechanics and anatomical principles of movement related to the horse. Plus, we’ll take an in-depth look at the structure and function of the equine body and relate it to the way of going.


There will be plenty of discussion and hands-on participation – using a mix of theory and practical observation. Also, the unique facilities at Wavendon, allow horses to come into the classroom to join us and help bring the topic to life.

This course is of interest to coaches, professional equestrians and riders, in fact anyone who would like to appreciate the relevance of applied anatomy and biomechanics to improve riding, training and how the horse moves.

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All of Gillian's courses are supported by a wealth of photographs and video footage taken from years worth of work including footage of her anatomically painted horses and from her dissections.


Also on the day of the course you will have access to Gillian's large collection of bones and anatomical models. This ensures that you will be better able to visualise the structures we discuss on this course.


08.30:  Registration and Coffee

09.00:  Skeletal Biomechanics

11.00:    Break 

11.30:    Muscle Biomechanics

13.00:   Lunch

13.45:   Posture and the Effect of Riding

15.00:   Break 

15.30:   Supporting Posture

16.00:   Practical Session

17.00:   Close


08.30:  Coffee

09.00:  Movement from the Anatomical Perspective

11.00:    Break

11.30:    The Biomechanics of Jumping

13.00:   Lunch 


13.45:   Poles and Distances

14.30:   Assessing Dynamic Posture and Movement


15.30:   Observation and comparison of 2 ridden                        horses on the flat and jumping

16.30:    Close


Course Leader



Gillian, an authority on equine anatomy and biomechanics, is a BHS Senior Coach, professional Sports and Remedial Therapist, author, rider and anatomical artist with a first class honours degree in Equine Science and Business Management.


Gillian founded Horses Inside Out in 2006 and she is well known for illustrating and explaining a fascinating yet sometimes difficult subject in an easy to understand, practical and useful way.



Tea, coffee and refreshments will be available throughout the day. A light lunch of sandwiches, crisps, fruit and chocolate is included.


Course notes will be provided and Certificates of Participation (CPD) will be emailed after the course. 


This course is held both inside and out so please bring appropriate warm clothes for a day out on the yard.​ This course is limited to 14 people to ensure small groups and individual attention.

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Applied Biomechanics, Posture
and Training Course


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