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Welcome Pumpernickel!!

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

gillian higgins horses inside out pumpernickle blue cross rescue adopted pony
Pumpernickel at the Rolleston Blue Cross Centre

Having had a very rough start in life we are pleased to give this lovely little chap a new home. Adopted from the Blue Cross, Pumpernickel will be a companion for Freddie Fox and a familiar face on many of the practical Horses Inside Out courses held at Wavendon Grange.

Pumpernickel is a 4 year old 12.2hh cob. He hasn't seen much of life so has lots to learn!

This is a video of the moment he arrived! So sweet but rather nervous!

Pumpernickel meets Freddie Fox for the first time.... although Arty seems a little perturbed by him!

Below: Pictures of Pumpernickel settling in and making friends at Wavendon Grange.

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