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Digestive Anatomy - A different perspective

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Half Day Student Workshop at Derby College.

Students are usually familiar with the composition,component parts and digestive properties of different feed stuffs. Understanding the anatomy of the digestive system can help us when feeding our horses.

  • Understanding the anatomy of the oesophagus together with using feeds which have a lower risk of compaction can help reduce the risk of choke.

  • Appreciating the small capacity of the stomach which is similar to the size of a rugby ball explains why it is important to feed several small feeds rather than one large one.

  • Understanding the anatomical differences between the upper and lower sections of the stomach can help us to devise management , exercise and feeding practises to reduce the risk of ulcers.

  • Understanding the function of microorganisms and bacteria in the hind gut helps us to appreciate the role of pre and pro biotics and keep the find gut healthy.

Want to learn more about the anatomy of the digestive system? Read Horse Anatomy for Performance

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