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Success at 2020 Anatomy Exhibition

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Horses Inside Out Anatomy Exhibition February 2020 Loughborough University

250 delegates at this year’s Horses Inside Out Conference enjoyed an improved and extended equine anatomical exhibition.

Gillian Higgins, founder of Horses Inside Out, coach, therapist, anatomist and anatomical artist said, ‘The exhibits on show are unique, hand-crafted, combine anatomy, painting and sculpture and have taken several months to produce.’

Created from a mix of real bones and modelling material the displays are designed to give interested parties an insight into the internal workings of the horse. Many are interactive.

The mission of Horses Inside Out is to show how understanding anatomy improves performance and reduces the risk of injury. The exhibits go one step further and show how the internal workings of the horse can impact on training, welfare and comfort’

When questioned as to how she chose which new structures to feature, Gillian explained, ‘I chose internal structures which are buried deep within the body and are commonly misunderstood’.

The 2020 Anatomy Exhibition included:

  • Models of the sacroiliac ligaments and iliopsoas muscle groups

  • 'Poseidon' - Anatomy model of the head

  • Skeleton Word Art - Models and prints of the names of the bones skeleton shaped

  • Interactive magnetic carpus and tarsus models -

  • 'Leonardo' and 'Trooper' - painted models complete with anatomical keys.

  • 'Marvin' Standing pony skeleton with anatomical labels

  • Pony skeleton - delegates had the opportunities to handle these bones and check the alignments were correct.

If anyone would like to commission a personalised model please email

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