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Horses Inside Out is an award-winning, internationally recognised organisation founded by Gillian Higgins in 2006.


Its purpose is to give riders, coaches, therapists, in fact, anyone interested in discovering more about horses, a fascinating insight into equine locomotion, training, management and welfare from an anatomical perspective.

Horses Inside Out runs a variety of inspiring events. Some are organised by ourselves and some are commissioned by external organisations such as colleges, clubs and vet practices.


Everything we do is tailor-made and broadly fall into the following categories:
•    Online webinars and lectures

•    Live painted horse lecture demonstrations
•    Practical workshops for horse owners
•    Video-based talks
•    Biomechanics courses
•    CPD courses for professionals
•    Clinics and educational seminars


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Webinar: Understanding the Horse's Neck

Wednesday 3rd March 2021


Webinar: Understanding and Assessing Your Horse's Posture

Wednesday 7th April 2021


Online CPD Course: Equine Kinetic Myofascial Line

Monday 12th April 2021