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An award-winning, internationally recognised organisation founded by Gillian Higgins in 2006.
Its purpose is to give riders, coaches, and therapists, in fact, anyone interested in discovering more about horses, a fascinating insight into equine locomotion, training, management and welfare from an anatomical perspective.

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Anatomy in Action horse biomechanics vid

Free access to educational video tutorials and articles on equine anatomy and biomechanics. Pay as you go, pick and mix style to on-demand webinars, seminars and courses with world-class presenters from £10 each.

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Beautifully illustrated, clear and concise books by renowned equestrian author and equine anatomy and biomechanics educator Gillian Higgins on movement, improving performance and rehabilitation.

Horses Inside Out anatomy equine skeleto

Find Lecture Demonstrations

With the skeleton and muscles painted on real live horses, look at anatomy from a new perspective, learn ways to improve riding, training and management and improve horse performance, comfort and soundness.

Watch the Conference

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Learn from world-leading experts, view inspirational presentations and get the latest equine science updates on growth and development with the on-demand viewing of the Horses Inside Out conference. 

Webinars and Online Seminars

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These live educational webinars with renowned equine anatomy and biomechanics educator Gillian Higgins are jam-packed with practical information for improving your horse and are great value starting at just £10!

CPD Courses for Professionals


In-person practical day courses, live online seminars and a library of recorded online presentations and courses designed specifically for the professional equestrian are perfect for CPD and improving your practise. CPD certificates issued.

Practical Courses for Horse Owners


We offer a range of online and in-person practical courses, live online seminars and a library of on-demand courses specifically for horse owners on topics including massage and pilates for horses and riding in harmony.

Online Course in Biomechanics 

Anatomy in Action multimedia book video

Explaining, comparing and illustrating the biomechanics of all the gaits and movements of horses, this comprehensive biomechanics course is a resource for everyone wishing to understand equine locomotion.

Not sure which book or videos is best for you?
Read our Top Recommendations for where to start depending on different equestrian disciplines and interests

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