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Coach Development: Creating Impact

A 7-part programme of inspiring, educational and informative webinars, delivered by world class experts in their field, designed for coaches that want to maximise their impact on riders and the sport. 


The art of coaching goes far beyond teaching somebody the technical skills to ride, it is about getting the most out of every rider you work with, regardless of level, experience, or talent. A truly great coach can turn any rider from average to excellent, but it must be executed in a thoughtful, confidence instilling, building block approach; led by a holistic outlook and delivered with excellence. 



£60 for the whole series

You can watch in any order, access is lifetime and on-demand. So you can watch anytime, on any device as many times as you like.

Approved BHS CPD, carrying 6 CPD points


Creating Culture
with Richard Waygood

1hr 10mins
Team GB Performance Manager

The culture you create as a coach will be the most important thing you ever do, because culture dictates everything else. What culture do you want to create? Richard will share his incredible story of how he gets the best out of every athlete, leading to countless European and Olympic medals

Charlie Unwin.jpeg

Creating Confidence
with Charlie Unwin

1hr 40mins
Performance Psychologist & Centre 10 Founder

To be able to ride successfully, riders will have to overcome numerous mental blocks, from previous injuries, dealing with nervous through to managing pressure, and it is your role as a coach to carefully guide your riders through these. Charlie will analyse how you can adopt an Inside Out approach to enable your riders to perform at their optimum. 

Beata Kaminska.jpeg

Creating a Brand
with Beata Kaminska

1hr 30mins
Branding Coach

​Living in a technology led generation, there is no avoiding that you can be the best coach in the world, but if nobody knows about you, you will be left behind. Beata will help you succeed at social media, marketing and branding to reach the riders you want to work with. 

Dee So’oialo.jpeg

Creating Athletes
with Dee So'oialo

1hr 20mins
Performance Specialist & Dynamic Performance Hub Founder

Performance specialist and soft tissue therapist, Dee, will dissect rider position, helping you to further develop your understanding of horse and rider anatomy, and the relationship they have to performance and positional flaws. 

Gillian Higgins.jpeg

Creating Longevity
with Gillian Higgins

1hr 45mins
Equine Anatomy and Biomechanics Specialist

Equestrian sports is the only Olympic sport involving animals, so it is important to understand the impact your coaching has on the horses, and take responsibility in ensuring your riders are training with soundness and longevity in mind. 

Caroline Moore.jpeg

Creating a System
with Caroline Moore

1hr 20mins
Performance Coach and BHS Fellow

The sign of a great coach is how good their riders are when they not with them, meaning you must coach in a systematic, repeatable way that riders can understand and replicate on their own. We will explore Caroline’s system, and how her methodical approach has led to creating champions at every level, right through to the World games. 

Nick Denning.jpeg

Creating Impact
with Nick Denning

1hr 15mins
Coach and Founder of ND Performance

There are many things we do in the equestrian world because it has always been done, whereas most other sports try to enhance their coaching through other sporting practices. Nick Denning, a coach from outside of the sport, will share his refreshing view on how he gets the most out of his clients, giving you an insight into his practices and explaining transferable skills from his sport, that you can adopt into your coaching.

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