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Freddie Fox and event rider Gillian Higgins

Freddie Fox

Freddie was a very special horse. So much of the success of Horses Inside Out is down to this horse.


With a wonderful inquisitive, loving nature and as the original Horses Inside Out demonstration horse, Freddie travelled with us starring in demonstrations and always loving to be the centre of attention.


He evented up to intermediate level with Gillian as well as competing in dressage, showjumping and team chasing.

He has featured on television and is always a great favourite. You will see Freddie on the front cover of Gillian's books and DVDs.


He was laid to rest in July 2021 but he lives on in all the books, online lectures and videos.


Freddie Fox with event rider Gillian Higgins at Gatcombe Park Intermediate
Horse Artistic Flair, Star of Anatomy in Action, anatomically painted horse for Horses Inside Out

Artistic Flair

Artistic Flair (Arty for short) is a playful 17hh 10yo Irish Sports Horse. 

Arty is a good allrounder. He does unnaffiliated, dressage, showjumping, eventing, hacking and fun rides.


He has a modelling career with Horses Inside Out and is a star in Gillian's latest book Anatomy in Action.

Arty is full of energy, loves to play and always entertains people that have met him on practical day courses.

Having bought him as a 3yo, Gillian has enjoyed the journey producing him.

Artistic Flair, the star of Horses Inside Out 2020. Anatomy in Action
adopted from the Blue Cross, Pumpernickel joined the Horses Inside Out team in 2019


Pumpernickel is a 6 year old

12.2hh cob.


We adopted Pumpernickel from the Blue Cross in September 2019. Pumpernickel is a superb companion pony for our little herd and being such a sweet, cheeky character he is a firm favourite on the practical Horses Inside Out courses held at Wavendon Grange.

Having had a rough start in life we are pleased to give this little chap a purpose and happy home.


He has turned out to be great at Pilates and polework and appears in many of the video lectures in the Horses Inside Out Academy.

Pumpernickel has just been backed and is in the process of learning to drive.


Blue cross rescue pony, Pumpernickel was adopted and joined the Horses Inside Out team in 2019


Toby is a 9yo ISH and the newest member of the Horses Inside Out Team.


He is settling in well to life at Wavendon Grange. He has such a laid back and loving temperament that he is a firm favourite on the courses.


He will be making is debut appearance in the online lecture demonstration series this autumn, where he helps to illustrate the breathing muscles.

Toby is ridden by both Gillian and her partner Doug. He has already been out doing dressage, showjumping and hunter trials and is great fun. 


Behind the Scenes


Shirley Higgins

If you are considering arranging a Horses Inside Out demonstration Shirley will chat through all aspects of arranging your demonstration, assist with marketing and generally be there to provide support and answer any questions you may have.

Shirley also has a valuable role in editing Gillian's books.

David Higgins

David is in charge of the bookshop. So if your order something in our online shop it will be David who lovingly packs it and sends it to you! 

He also assists at many of the live lecture demonstrations.

David is a happy hacker and regularly hacks out with Toby.

Allison Lowther

Blog Writer and
Social Media Assistant


Allison is a keen rider and freelance writer and editor. Having previously worked for many years on Your Horse magazine, Ally joined the HIO team in 2021. She regularly writes articles and blogs for Horses Inside Out and assists with social media. 


Ally Lowther.jpg

Jessica Limpkin

Brand Ambassador
and Blog Writer

Jessica, who runs her own equine massage business in Worcestershire, won a place on the 2020 Annual Conference and became a HIO Brand Ambassador. She regularly writes articles and reviews about the HIO courses and events she attends as well as Gillian’s books and video courses.




I am proud to be sponsored by and ride in a WOW saddle. As a rider, anatomist and biomechanist, saddle fit and design is really important to me.


Having ridden up to advanced level eventing I know how important it is to have a saddle that allows maximum freedom of movement through the back.


After the neck, tail and lumbosacral junction, the most flexible part of the spine is between the 13th thoracic and 1st lumbar vertebra. This is directly underneath where we sit which means our weight, together with the saddle, can hamper this movement.


This, added to the fact that horses continually change shape, presents a real problem for saddle makers and riders.


The flair system used by WOW together with the variable head plates and panels designed by David Kempsell, makes this system truly adjustable.


It is worth taking some time to look at all the design features on their website

rider in skeleton body suit, sponsored by Wow saddles

I highly rate and recommend Intelligent Worming.

Intelligent worming supports owners and yard managers who understand that worming is constantly changing and wish to provide their enquiries with individual, tailored programmes and proactive, knowledge based support. Intelligent worming is part of EPL Animal Care, dedicated to improving parasite control services through wormers Direct and ScientifEQ laboratory.


The majority of the Horses Inside Out photos are taken by David and Gillian Higgins. We also work regularly with: